Frequently Asked Questions

Is this project approved?

Yes, in June 2017, the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks approved the Environmental Assessment. The Minister made this decision after giving careful consideration to the comments raised by stakeholders, the project documentation and the requirements of the Environmental Assessment Act.

The County must implement the project as set out in the Environmental Study Report, including implementing the mitigation measures and commitments for future consultation. The Minister also imposed a series of conditions on the project, including that the County consult stakeholders on the integration of cycling lanes into the design of the bridge.

Who will be involved in the design?

The County has hired an engineering company, GHD, to complete necessary site investigations and detailed design for the new bridge. GHD will also hire several subcontractors to assist with site investigations and design.

If construction hasn't started, why am I seeing people workers in the Trent River?

Over the next two years, engineers and scientists from GHD and other firms will conduct extensive investigations within the Trent River and the road network connecting to the future bridge. These may include site walks, ecological surveys, and subsurface investigations within the Trent River. The County will contact property owners if access to private property is required for these investigations.

When will the new bridge be built?

A schedule for construction has not been determined yet. The design is expected to be completed in mid-2021.

How are residents going to be consulted? 

Throughout the design process, residents will have several opportunities to get involved in the design of the future bridge. This will include consultation on the integration of cycling lanes, key design elements, and improvements to the road network surrounding the bridge.

Will I be notified about consultation opportunities?

Yes! Please sign up for the project newsletter to receive notifications about Public Information Centres and other opportunities to get involved.

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