Ontario Signature Experiences

Ontario Signature Experiences (OSE) was launched by Destination Ontario in 2014 to promote and market must-see travel experiences that would appeal to global target markets. 

The OSE program showcases the best and most unique tourism experiences in the province to motivate more people to visit Ontario.

Ontario Signature Experiences Benefits

  • Prestige and marketplace credibility, plus peer recognition
  • Increased sales, worldwide recognition of being in the collection
  • Potential for increased marketing by Destination Ontario via presence on consumer website, trade pages and in-market reps
  • Increased packaging and cross-promotional opportunities with other OSE members
  • Strengthened business relationships with the travel trade
  • Hosting trade and media fam trips
  • The support to develop digital visual assets through participation in photo and video shoots 

What are the experiences?

Currently, there are 35 Ontario-based participants in the CSE collection, and 25 Ontario participants in OSE for a total of 60 Ontario based experiences. See the brochure.

View all 60 experiences.

Want more information? 

Please contact Nicole Leaper:
E-mail: nicole.leaper@ontario.ca
Tel: (416) 314-6121