Hiring Process

Northumberland County is committed to recruiting and selecting individuals who are the most qualified to perform the requirements of each position available.

We value diversity in our workforce and it is Northumberland County's goal to attract and retain the best talent to deliver optimum customer service. As such, we:

  • Employ the best applicant for each job opening based on relevant education, training, experience, knowledge, skills, abilities and best overall fit with the organization
  • Abide by the Ontario Human Rights Code
  • Ensure fairness
  • Proactively remove barriers for people with disabilities

We consider current employees before we recruit externally.

Hiring process

Stage 1: Apply

To be considered for our job opportunities, apply by emailing us your application. Please reference the job posting title in the subject line of your email.

All applications must be received before the deadline submission date.

Once your application has been successfully submitted, you will receive an automatic acknowledgement confirming receipt of your application.

Stage 2: Application screening

Resumes are screened by Human Resources representatives based on the education, experience, skills, abilities and competencies outlined in the job posting. Applications that best match the required qualifications will be forwarded to the Hiring Manager for further consideration.

Due to the volume of applications we receive, only candidates selected to participate in the competition process (e.g. testing and/or interview) will be contacted directly.

Stage 3: Selection process

As part of the selection process, candidates may be asked to participate in various types of assessments, such as:

  • Pre-screening questions, including education and experience indicator
  • Knowledge-based tests (written or computer based)
  • Software assessments
  • Work simulations
  • Oral interviews

The recruitment and selection process is designed to ensure fairness and consistency; assessments are administered to provide equal opportunity to all candidates. The interview process may include one or more interviews in a panel setting with two or more members.

Stage 4: Reference checks

References are collected at the interview. Candidates should come prepared with a list of three potential work-related references. References will only be checked for the top candidate(s).

Stage 5: Offers of employment

At the end of the competition process, a verbal offer of employment will be provided to the successful candidate. Offers of employment may be conditional upon the candidate providing proof of education/qualification/certification/license, etc.

Certain positions may also require an acceptable/current Police Record Check, employment medical or immunization verification, or other employment-related information relevant to the position. The terms and conditions of employment will be communicated to the successful candidate when an offer is made. If the position you are applying to requires a Police Record Check (it will be noted on the job posting), it is strongly recommended that you get this from your local police service as soon as possible as it could take several weeks to process.

Upon acceptance of the position, the successful candidate will be given a written offer of employment to sign. Original documentation will also need to be provided to confirm your social insurance number.

Stage 6: Welcome

Introductions include a corporate and departmental employee orientation.

Corporate orientation

Each month, all new regular full and part-time employees are invited to participate in a mandatory corporate orientation. The purpose of the session is to welcome new employees and familiarize them with our organizational structure, employment benefits, human resource policies and procedures and health and safety practices.

The orientation provides an overview of:

Details regarding a successful candidate's enrolment in Corporate Orientation will be included in the offer of employment letter.

Departmental orientation

New employees will also receive on-the-job training and orientation to become familiar with job responsibilities and departmental policies, procedures and guidelines.