Discover and explore Northumberland County using our interactive and printable maps.

Interactive maps

County services

Use our interactive GIS map to find your local:

  • Municipal Office
  • Fire Service
  • Waste/Recycling Pickup
  • Hospitals
  • Landfill
  • Libraries
  • Municipal Offices
  • Police Stations
  • Recreation Centres
  • Waste Transfer Stations

Explore our County Services Map

Social Services

Use our interactive GIS map to find your local:

  • Basic Needs
  • Child Care
  • Early Years
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Financial Support
  • Health
  • Justice and Legal
  • Other
  • Parenting Support
  • Prenatal
  • Social and Recreation
  • Safety and Protection
  • Special Needs
  • Transportation
  • Youth 14+

Explore our Social Services Map

Printable PDF maps

County map

View the seven municipalities within the Northumberland County boundaries:

Northumberland County Member Municipalities Map

Garbage and recycling collection maps

Recreational maps

Cycling in Northumberland

Cycling map with linkages

Northumberland County Forest trail maps

Non-motorized use
Motorized use

Tourism maps

Visit Northumberland Tourism for road trip and cycling maps and brochures.

Planning and land use maps

View our Official Plan page to view maps included in the Northumberland County Official Plan.