Northumberland County Forest and Trails

Forest Services is responsible for managing approximately 2,225 hectares (5,500 acres) of mainly forested land, known as the Northumberland County Forest.

The County Forest offers residents and visitors a place to appreciate plants and wildlife while preserving our ecosystems and providing many ecological benefits to Northumberland County. With a 118 km trail network, there are many opportunities for recreation as well as hunting. Forest Services also manages annual timber harvesting in the forest, as well as invasive species, weed and forest conservation (tree) by-law enforcement.

Forest Management Plan 2021-2041

Northumberland County has developed a Northumberland County Forest Mangement Plan to guide the sustainable management of the County Forest over the next twenty years.

This high-level plan identifies strategies and long-term goals to strengthen recreation opportunities in the Forest, while ensuring strong natural and cultural heritage conservation practices designed to preserve this community asset for future generations. 

The plan incorporates feedback gathered over four years of public consultations with residents, forest user groups, First Nations communities, local municipal councils, advisory committees and stakeholders, which took place from 2018 to 2021.

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