Support the County Forest

Volunteer in the County Forest

Volunteers can play a vital role in forest development, maintenance and services. As volunteer service grows, staff will be able to focus on other important aspects of managing the forest.

Examples of volunteer projects include:

  • Seed collecting
  • Plug planting
  • Invasive species removal
  • Trail building
  • Trail maintenance
  • Trail monitoring
  • Species monitoring

Why should you volunteer?

Volunteer projects provide individuals with a tangible way to connect with their personal passion as well as contribute to their community and the forest they value. Volunteers will obtain training, expertise and experience during their time and service with Northumberland County's Forest Services.

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How to sign up

To sign up, please submit a Volunteer Application form.

Make a financial contribution

You may provide a financial contribution to the County Forest in one of the following ways:

Contribute by cash or cheque

  • By mail or in person at County Headquarters (555 Courthouse Road, Cobourg)

Contribute by debit or credit card

  • By phone to our main reception (credit only)

  • In person at County Headquarters (555 Courthouse Road, Cobourg)

Donate online