For support with addictions, please contact one of these local resources:

Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous Meetings 

Alcoholics anonymous is a confidential group of people looking to do something about their drinking problem. The group sessions are run by people who have similar experiences and are working through the steps to recovery and there are AA NA Meetings in Cobourg.

Canadian Centre for Addictions 

The Canadian Centre for Addictions is a private residential treatment centre that helps people struggling with addictions. There is a cost to access their services.

For more information call 1-855-939-1009. The Canadian Centre for Addictions is located at 175 Dorset St W, Port Hope, ON L1A 1G4.

FourCAST Addiction Services 

FourCAST is an addictions counselling service in Northumberland County. They offer free services including counselling and community groups.  

For more information call 905-377-9111. FourCAST is located at 1011 Elgin St W, Cobourg, ON K9A 5J6.

Harm Reduction Services 

Harm reduction services are available throughout Northumberland. These services give you the tools to lessen the harm done to your body while participating in risky activities like drug use or unsafe sex.

Harm reduction service providers 
  • HKPR - 200 Rose Glen Road, Port Hope
  • Community Health Centre of Northumberland - 99 Toronto Road, Port Hope
  • Downey Pharmacy - 3 King Street E, Colborne
  • Green Wood Coalition - 4 Centennial Drive, Port Hope
  • Change Health Care - 1011 Elgin Street West, Suite #2
  • OATC – 141 Toronto Road, Port Hope

Rapid Access Addiction Medicine Clinic (RAAM Clinic) 

The RAAM Clinic offers fast service to connect people with physicians, nurses, and addiction counsellors when they need immediate support with their addiction.   

For more information call 905-377-9891. The RAAM Clinic is located at 1011 Elgin Street West (2nd floor), Cobourg, ON K9A 5J5.