Annual Construction Program

Each year, Northumberland County identifies areas of roadway that need maintenance.

Please see the list below for paving and construction projects happening on County roads during the 2019 construction season.

2019 construction and paving projects
County RoadLocationLengthType
County Road 2 From Colton St. to Union Rd.  6.0 km Paving
County Road 30 From 401 to 325 m South of Guertin Rd. 3.8 km Paving
County Road 35 From Woodview Rd. to Bannon Rd. 2.7 km Paving
County Road 10 From north of Dodds Rd. to 4th Line/Bickle Rd. 2.4 km Curb removal/replacement, paving and boulevard installation
Elgin Street From Ontario St. to Frei St. (North curb lane only) 300 m Paving
County Road 28 From FF# 4911 to FF# 3115 3.6 km Microsurfacing
County Road 45 From Baxter Rd., to 1 km North of Concession Rd. 9 West 4.2 km Microsurfacing
County Road 50 From 9th Line West to 10th Line West 1.8 km Microsurfacing
County Road 15 From County Rd. 45 to County Rd. 9 11.0 km Crack sealing
County Road 23 From 401 to Eddystone Rd. 4.9 km Crack sealing
County Road 2 From FF#15198 Rd. to Stoney Point Rd. 4.2 km Crack sealing
County Road 26 From Telephone Rd. to Dalewood Rd. 3.0 km Crack sealing
County Road 8 From Bradley Bay Rd. to Burnbrae Rd. 3.7 km Crack Sealing

Work on potholes, rutting, and wear and tear will occur throughout the County in addition to the projects listed above.

Driving in construction zones

Driving safely through construction zones can help save your life and the lives of others.

  • Do not speed – slow down to the posted speed limits
  • Stay alert and pay full attention to the roadway
  • Pay close attention to signs and work zone flaggers
  • Do not tailgate
  • Keep up with the traffic flow
  • Do not change lanes in work zones
  • Avoid changing radio stations and using mobile phones in work zones
  • Keep an eye on workers and their equipment
  • Be patient – work zones are necessary to improve our roads and make them safer

The speed limit through a construction zone is 50 km/hr.