Apply for Ontario Works

If you are not working or have little or no income, you may be eligible for Ontario Works. Ontario Works provides temporary financial assistance, employment support and other benefits to those in need.

If you live in Northumberland County, there are three ways you can apply for Ontario Works:

  1. Apply online
  2. Call 905-372-6846 ext. 2468
  3. Visit our office at 555 Courthouse Road in Cobourg

Before you apply

Please have these things ready:

  • Birth certificate(s)
  • Social Insurance Number(s)
  • Health Card number(s)
  • Immigration details (if you were not born in Canada)
  • Cost of living (including rent, heat and hydro)
  • Bank account details
  • Employment details (if you are working or if you lost your job)
  • Details about any earnings and/or income

After you apply

We will invite you to our office for a meeting with a caseworker. Your caseworker will help you fill out forms and tell you if you are eligible to receive support.

If you find out that you are not eligible for Ontario Works, your caseworker will tell you about other services that could help you.