EarlyON Child and Family Centres

EarlyON Child and Family Centres are where children, parents and caregivers can laugh, be curious, play, learn, make friends and feel a sense of belonging. We offer a wide range of free programs and services that help your child reach their full ability:

  • Programs for children from birth to six years old
  • Play-based and fun learning activities
  • Information on programs on services where you live
  • Opportunities to meet other families with young children
  • Advice from trained professionals

Family Fun Bingo

EarlyON's Family Fun Bingo contest has now concluded. Thanks to all the families who participated! Winners will be contacted by April 12th.

Our programs

EarlyON Northumberland offers free indoor, outdoor or virtual programs for families, including creative activities, hikes, story time, programs for new and soon-to-be parents, and more.

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Learn more about the programs we offer:

Indoor and Outdoor Exploration programs

Have fun learning as you connect and play with your child, meet other families, and receive parenting information from trained Early Childhood Educators. When you attend an EarlyON Exploration program, you can expect opportunities for creative art, songs and rhymes, story readings, science and nature activities, dramatic play and active play.

Evening Exploration program

We offer a monthly evening program of indoor exploration at all locations. This program is accompanied by a light meal. Registration is required.

Childbirth and prenatal programs

Join an expert prenatal educator for programs focused on physically and mentally preparing for childbirth and welcoming a newborn baby to your family. This program will explore the process of labour, birth and breastfeeding through the practice of labour positions, massage and birthing balls.

Topics may include:

  • Preparing for a baby
  • Pregnancy and nutrition
  • Labour and childbirth
  • Possible medical interventions
  • Cesarean birth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Newborn care (baby bath demonstrations, car seat safety, etc.)

New Parent program

During this program, new parents/caregivers and their babies can have fun socializing, playing and learning together. This program may include guest visits from community partners, driven by the interests and needs of parents in the program. This program is available in Cobourg and Trent Hills.

Indigenous programs

Our Indigenous team provides children and families with programming that incorporates Indigenous cultural teachings and knowledge, traditional songs, dancing, drumming, and Ojibway language teachings into the learning experience. The program works to promote cultural awareness, while fostering healing and reconciliation for urban Indigenous and non-Indigenous children, youth and families. 

EarlyON guest visits

EarlyON guest visitors may attend our programming to share resources with parents and to make further connections with families. Visitors may include resource consultants, nurses from the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit and more. 

Hiking programs

Explore Northumberland County Forest with EarlyON as we hike together. Some hiking programs are offered in partnership with the County’s Natural Heritage team and will include a guided hike with a Forest Technician to answer our curiosities about the forest and its unique habitats!

Library programs

We offer programming in partnership with local libraries, including programs delivered at local libraries throughout Northumberland and visits from local librarians to our EarlyON centres. 

Outreach programs

If there is no dedicated EarlyON site in your area, we also offer outreach programs, which bring EarlyON programs to additional locations throughout Northumberland. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page and our online program calendar for information about outreach programs coming to your community.

Special events

Join EarlyON as we explore the unique places Northumberland County has to offer, including Sandy Flat Sugar Bush, Haute Goat Farm, Barrett’s Christmas Tree Farm, Old Mill Alpacas, Roseneath Carousel, and local fire stations. Registration is required for these special programs.

For additional program details and schedules, please refer to our program calendar or follow our Northumberland EarlyON Centres Facebook page, or download our PDF program guide

Our locations

EarlyON Northumberland has eight locations across the county. Families are invited to visit us at the following locations during our scheduled programming:

EarlyON Brighton

Address: 71 Dundas Street, Brighton (East Northumberland Secondary School – west entrance)

Educator: Sam Foote

Contact email: brightonearlyon@gmail.com

EarlyON Campbellford

Address: 179 Saskatoon Avenue, Campbellford (Rotary Hall – south side of the building)

Educator: Amanda Flood

Contact email: campbellfordearlyon@compasselc.com

EarlyON Cobourg

Educator: Kelly Robinson

Contact email: Kelly.Robinson@nrt.ymca.ca

Division Street location

800 Division Street, Cobourg (beside Five Counties Children’s Centre)

D'Arcy Street location

919 D'Arcy Street, Cobourg (St. Joseph Catholic School – south entrance/east door)

EarlyON Colborne

Address: 80 Division Street, Colborne (Upstairs in the Keeler Centre)

Educator: Natalie Hansey

Contact email: Natalie.Hansey@nrt.ymca.ca

EarlyON Grafton

Address: 718 Station Street, Grafton (behind the Grafton Library)

Educator: Natalie Hansey

Contact email: Natalie.Hansey@nrt.ymca.ca

EarlyON Hastings

Address: 6 Albert Street, Hastings (Hastings Civic Centre)

Educator: Rachel English

Contact email: hastingsearlyon@compasselc.com

EarlyON Port Hope

Address: 90 Rose Glen Road, Port Hope (Beatrice Strong Public School – south side parking lot)

Educator: Cindy Marshall

Contact email: Cindy.Marshall@nrt.ymca.ca

Outreach programs and partner locations

EarlyON Northumberland also partners with local libraries and community centres to provide outreach programs with unique learning opportunities, activities and outdoor experiences:

Baltimore Recreation Centre

Address: 23 Community Centre Road, Baltimore

Educator: Samantha Kelly

Contact email: samantha.kelly@nrt.ymca.ca

Bewdley Community Centre

Address: 7060 Lake Street, Bewdley

Educator: Samantha Kelly

Contact email: samantha.kelly@nrt.ymca.ca

Brighton Public Library

Address: 35 Alice Street, Brighton

Educator: Sam Foote

Contact email: brightonearlyon@gmail.com

Codrington Community Centre

Address: 2992 County Road 30, Codrington

Educator: Samantha Kelly

Contact email: samantha.kelly@nrt.ymca.ca

Old Camborne School House

Address: 3441 Albert's Alley, Camborne

Educator: Samantha Kelly

Contact email: samantha.kelly@nrt.ymca.ca

Hastings Public Library

Address: 6 Albert Street, Hastings

Educator: Rachel English

Contact email: hastingsearlyon@compasselc.com

Northumberland County Forest

Educator: Kelly Robinson

Contact email: kelly.robinson@nrt.ymca.ca 

Carstairs Trail

1270-1296 Bowmanton Road, Roseneath

Beagle Club Trail

101 Beagle Club Road, Harwood

Port Hope Public Library

Address: 31 Queen Street, Port Hope

Educator: Samantha Kelly

Contact email: samantha.kelly@nrt.ymca.ca

Roseneath Public Library

Address: 9059 Highway 45, Roseneath

Educator: Rachel English

Contact email: hastingsearlyon@compasselc.com

For information about upcoming outreach programs, please view our view our program calendar or follow our Northumberland EarlyON Centres Facebook page.

Virtual learning resource

Looking for a fun way to learn together at home? Check out our Language on the Land website to explore the language of the Anishinaabe people, through child-friendly characters that provide cultural tales, word games, and language learning.

Visit the Language on the Land website

Have questions?

Do you have a question about one of our programs or how to register? Please email your local EarlyON educator, using the contact details provided above for each of our locations.