Financial and Employment Support


If you or someone you know is having a hard time paying for rent, utilities or food, Northumberland County Community and Social Services can offer help. There are also programs that can help you search for a job or access education.

Financial Support

If you have little or no income, you might consider applying for financial assistance through Ontario Works. Emergency as well as temporary sustained supports are available for expenses such as basic needs and shelter.  

Employment Support

Employment supports are also available through Ontario Works for things like job-specific training, access to basic education, and employment workshops.

As of January 2021, skills building, job readiness, and support for job-seekers are all available through the Province’s Employment Ontario.

Employment Ontario has teamed up, in our area, with Fleming College, to help people along their path to employment. Fleming College can put job seekers in touch with a number of organizations who are ready to help and have great connections to the local job market.

Are you interested in Employment Assistance? Contact Northumberland County Community and Social Services to learn more. If you are already involved in Employment Assistance through Ontario Works, you will continue to have access to lots of supports in your area. Your caseworker will contact you to let you know about any changes. 

Community services and support

One of our community outreach workers may be able to help if:

  • You have low to moderate income and are not eligible for Ontario Works
  • You are a senior with a fixed income

Our performance data

Interested in learning about what we are doing? Check on our service delivery and program metrics by visiting the County's KPI Performance Dashboard.