2024 road and bridge improvements underway across Northumberland County

County staff working on road maintenance.

Cobourg, ON – June 25, 2024 –With the arrival of summer, Northumberland County is embarking on another season of essential road renewal and bridge rehabilitation projects. The County maintains almost 500 kilometres of roads including 133 structures such as bridges, culverts, and retaining walls, ensuring safer and more efficient travel for residents and visitors. With work now underway, Northumberland County advises motorists to drive with care around construction zones.

“Road and bridge construction can create temporary disruptions,” states Director of Public Works Denise Marshall. “However, these projects are critical to executing our 10-year capital plan for maintaining and improving our community’s transportation network.”

In 2024, Northumberland County is investing nearly $8.3 million in road resurfacing, pavement upgrades, bridge rehabilitation, and culvert replacements. Like other municipalities in Ontario, Northumberland faces the challenge of maintaining infrastructure at levels that ensure sustainability for aging assets, growing renewal needs, climate change pressures, and a growing population. To help support infrastructure investments, the County’s budget includes an annual Dedicated Infrastructure Levy to address the widening gap in funding for rehabilitation and replacement of critical infrastructure.

“With our community expected to grow to over 122,000 residents by 2051, we need to make necessary investments in infrastructure today,” remarks Marshall. “These 2024 investments not only support the current needs of our residents but also pave the way for economic growth and prosperity in our region.”

The County's 2024 construction program includes several strategically planned projects aimed at improving road conditions, enhancing traffic flow, and supporting economic development. Key initiatives include:

Bridges and structures:

  • Trent River Crossing in Campbellford final design by the end of the year with construction planned from 2025 and 2027.
  • Baltimore Creek retaining wall rehabilitation along CR 45
  • Burnley Creek Bridge rehabilitation on CR 25 in Warkworth


  • CR 64 – Prince Edward St. Brighton (rural section from Harbour St. to Stoney Point Rd.) initiating a two-year rehabilitation/ reconstruction project
  • 8.3 kms of crack sealing
  • 15.5 kms of surface treatment
  • 7.9 kms of micro surfacing
  • 11.6 kms of road paving
  • 498 kms of line painting

To minimize disruptions and prioritize safety, Northumberland County urges all road users to exercise caution when traveling through construction zones and to follow these guidelines:

  • Slow down and obey all posted speed limits, especially in construction areas.
  • Pay close attention to signage and flag persons guiding traffic safety.
  • Stay alert for changing road conditions, including detours and lane closures.
  • Maintain a safe distance from construction vehicles and equipment to ensure the safety of both workers and motorists.
  • Plan ahead and consider alternate routes and allow extra travel time.

By making sound strategic investments in these vital infrastructure projects, Northumberland County is working to create a safe and efficient transportation system for the community. The County appreciates the patience and cooperation of residents and motorists during the construction period.

For more information please visit:

County Roads and Bridges construction web page for updates and a list of work planned in 2024:  Northumberland.ca/Construction.

Current road closures: Northumberland 511

Northumberland County Performance Dashboard with details on infrastructure conditions and public works performance: Performance Dashboard