Be Prepared, not scared - County shares tips and resources for emergency preparedness

Cobourg, ON – May 5, 2014 – With May 4 to 10 designated ‘Emergency Preparedness Week’ throughout the province, Northumberland County is reminding residents about the importance of making advance preparations to be self-sufficient for up to 72 hours in the event of an emergency."There are simple steps people can start taking today to make sure they would be self-sufficient for up to three days in the event of an emergency," stated Kenneth Stubbings, Emergency Planning Health & Safety Manager for Northumberland County. "First responders will always help those in need. If people are better able to manage during the initial stages of a crisis, though, first responders can focus their attention on the most critical issues."

The December 2013 ice storm lasted 48 hours, and left people in some areas of Northumberland County without electricity for up to a week. Stubbings indicated that having a 72-hour kit in place provides people with a sense security that, even in situations such as these, their most pressing and immediate needs will be met. Kits should include items such as:

- a small amount of cash                        - non-perishable and pet food

- a flashlight and batteries                      - a manual can opener

- toiletry/hygiene items                          - bottled water (2 litres per person, per day)

- a first aid kit                                        - an extra supply of medication

Stubbings recommended purchasing a few items at a time instead of all at once, with a plan to have a complete kit within one year. "The important thing is to not be caught off-guard," he said. "By starting today to gather supplies, and work on an emergency plan with families and neighbours, people will be better prepared for the unexpected."

For helpful resources on emergency planning, including checklists and schedules for building a 72-hour emergency kit, as well as how to prepare for specific emergency scenarios such as power outages and vehicle failures, residents are invited to visit the Northumberland County website at, or to contact their municipal Community Emergency Management Coordinator (CEMC). Contact information for local CEMCs is also available at this website.