Council endorses two bridge crossings for Campbellford

Cobourg, ON—June 18, 2014 – With a recorded weighted vote of 21 to 5, Northumberland County Council voted today in favour of a recommendation to replace the existing Trent River crossing at Bridge Street in Campbellford at the end of its lifecycle, and to build a second bridge crossing at Second Street/Alma Street. Council heard presentations from the project consultant as well as twelve delegations before moving to the vote.

Consultant IBI Group presented the two-bridge recommendation as the best option for achieving outcomes including maximizing the lifecycle of the existing bridge, better supporting future growth and economic development in the area, reducing current traffic and emissions, and providing alternative routes for emergency vehicles to support rapid response. The consultant concluded that this option will meet the needs of the community related to transportation, economic growth, social and cultural development, and the natural environment over the long term.

"We recognize that this is an issue about which many people in the community are passionate," stated County Director of Transportation and Waste Mobushar Pannu. "We are confident that after many years of carefully evaluating options, reviewing data and analysis from external consultants, and considering feedback from a wide range of stakeholders and community members, this recommendation will best serve Campbellford and all of Trent Hills going forward."

IBI Group was retained by the County in 2013 to recommence and conclude work that originally began in 2007 to recommend alternatives for crossing the Trent River in Campbellford. Two finalist alternatives were developed:

1. ‘Twinning’ the existing bridge into a 3-lane bridge;

2. Building a second bridge at Second Street/Alma Street, and replacing the existing bridge at the end of its service life.

IBI Group recommended the second alternative and presented this recommendation, and the reasons behind it, at a Public Information Centre held in Campbellford in March 22, 2014. Subsequently, nine of the thirteen members on the County’s Campbellford Bridge Steering Committee, and six of the seven members of Trent Hills Council, voted in favour of this recommendation.

"What we have in Campbellford today is not working," stated Trent Hills Councillor Hector Macmillan. "We need to move forward with a solution that will deliver the best outcome for people’s livelihoods and way of life. The two-bridge proposal is not a perfect solution, but it is the best option of the two viable options presented. I firmly believe it is the best option for the town of Campbellford, and the Municipality of Trent Hills as a whole."

"Council appreciates the presentations made today by members of the community on this important issue, as well as the engagement of the community in this process to date," stated Warden Linda Thompson. "With Council’s decision, plans can move forward in support of the current and future needs of the town of Campbellford and the broader Municipality of Trent Hills."

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