County ‘Public Sector Salary Disclosure’ release

Cobourg, ON – March 27, 2015 – The Ontario Ministry of Finance has released the annual Public Sector Salary Disclosure (PSSD). Also known as the ‘Sunshine List’, this disclosure practice was put into place in 1996 to provide transparency to taxpayers. 22 Northumberland County employees are included in the 2014 disclosure.

“Accountability is a key core value for the County. The annual Public Sector Salary Disclosure is another opportunity to fulfill this principle by ensuring transparency to the residents of Northumberland,” stated Acting CAO Jennifer Moore. “The County’s 2014 list includes some of our more senior-level executives, as well as front-line staff who were called upon to work overtime hours to ensure delivery of necessary services to residents. In particular, the exceptional 2014 winter season placed significant demands on County roads crews, necessitating over-and-above work effort, which we see reflected in this year’s disclosure.”

Northumberland County Warden Marc Coombs commented “Delivering our operations efficiently continues to be a significant focus for Council and staff. An excellent example of this is the ongoing shared services work being advanced through the Northumberland CAOs Committee. We will continue to evaluate opportunities to strike that important balance between operational efficiency and retention of high-quality employees to deliver vital services such as roads maintenance, paramedic response, and long term care for our communities.”

The County’s Public Sector Salary Disclosure can be found on page 446 of the ‘Municipalities and Services’ document released by the Ontario Ministry of Finance, available here.

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