County releases 20-year Asset Management Plan

Cobourg, ON – June 15, 2022 - Municipalities across Ontario are facing challenges to fund maintenance, renewal and replacement of their core infrastructure such as roads, bridges and facilities at levels that ensure sustainability over the long-term. Impacts are being felt due to aging assets, increasing renewal needs and pressures from a changing climate and growing population.

Today, County Council approved a revised strategic Asset Management Plan (AMP) that reaffirms a commitment to integrate asset management practices into County business processes. Required by the Province, the 20-year outlook identifies anticipated impacts on infrastructure along with key funding gaps. Adoption of the AMP will guide the County in effectively managing its assets in a way that balances service levels and risks and making proper investments so Northumberland can continue to thrive and become more sustainable and resilient.

“Well-maintained infrastructure assets provide value and support the delivery of services to the community, and are essential to tourism attraction and economic development,” states Warden Bob Crate. “I congratulate staff for the work that has gone into preparing this comprehensive plan. They have developed a roadmap for us to monitor the health of our considerable infrastructure assets, identify key funding gaps, and put plans in place to deliver a cost-effective, sustainable approach to infrastructure asset management.”

While the development of an AMP is a legislative requirement for municipalities, asset management has been an ongoing part of the County’s financial management practices for many years. Through prudent budget and planning practices, the County ensures available funds are applied in a fiscally responsible and prioritized manner.

However, as the County continues to grow, and climate change impacts are felt, more pressure will be placed on local infrastructure needs. The current funding deficit to maintain and renew current assets is estimated at $9.2M. Having this revised AMP in place will ensure the County is prepared for current and future challenges.

“Managing our key infrastructure assets, such as our road network, bridges, large culverts and storm sewers, is a key component of our operations and is critical to our ability to provide residents and businesses with the services they require in a cost-effective manner,” states Jennifer Moore, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). “The new Asset Management Plan will strengthen staff’s ability to make informed decisions regarding the construction, operation, maintenance, renewal and replacement of our critical infrastructure assets, contributing to a strong and vibrant Northumberland.”

Viewed as an evergreen plan, the AMP will be continuously updated so the community will be well-positioned to get the best value and service out of its assets and meet future government funding opportunities to enhance community infrastructure.

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