County seeks public input on Community Safety & Well-being Plan priorities

Digital illustration of community members

Northumberland County is inviting perspectives from across the community to help develop a Community Safety and Well-being Plan.

Municipalities are required, under the Province's Safer Ontario Act, 2018, to develop a Community Safety & Well-being Plan by 2021. In April 2019, County Council passed a resolution that Northumberland County would lead this effort on behalf of local municipalities. The goal is for residents and community partners to collectively develop actions that will address the root causes of crime and complex social issues by focusing on prevention measures.

The process for defining local actions will involve a multitude of voices, with Northumberland County engaging key stakeholders and members of the public. In addition to round-table discussions with community partners from local municipalities, police and fire services, health, education, social and community services that started in late 2019 and continue into 2020, consultation is now commencing with individual residents and businesses as another vital component of the plan development process.

“Community safety and well-being are shared responsibilities,” states County Warden Bob Sanderson. “Through consultation, we are co-designing a plan focused on ways community members, local agencies and stakeholders, and government can work together to sustain and improve the overall quality of life in Northumberland. We encourage our residents and businesses to participate in this consultation.”

Community members are invited to share their perspectives and experiences with personal and community safety in Northumberland, and provide feedback about community safety priorities and ideas for improvements, by completing a brief survey. This survey can be completed:

  • Online: by visiting the County’s new ‘Join In Northumberland’ consultation portal at
  • By phone: by contacting the County at 1-800-354-7051. A client service agent will read the survey questions and transcribe the caller’s responses.
  • In hard copy: by contacting the County at 1-800-354-7051 ext. 2452 to request a copy of the survey.

The County is also planning to work with local community groups and networks to help define priorities and actions, and will organize focus groups this fall to ensure further detail and inclusion of target populations.

“With the requirements for physical distancing during COVID-19, the County continues to explore new avenues for delivering services digitally to residents, and this includes the ways we engage in public consultation,” indicates Warden Sanderson. “We are therefore very pleased to announce the launch of our new Join In Northumberland portal. This new online consultation tool will expand the ways in which Northumberland County engages with the community, fosters dialogue, and gathers feedback on municipal priorities and projects. In addition to other online and in-person consultation opportunities, Join In Northumberland is a virtual public space where our residents and business owners can share input to help shape County-led programs, policies and services. This is a key deliverable in Council’s Strategic Plan, and another step forward in our SmartNorthumberland journey.”

The Community Safety & Well-being Plan survey is open until July 31. Residents who subscribe to the Join In Northumberland portal at by this date will be entered for a chance to win a Northumberland prize pack.