County Unveils Safer, Greener Ambulances

Cobourg, ON – August 15, 2013 – Northumberland County EMS today unveiled three new ambulances whose ‘green’ design also incorporates science that will make the vehicles safer for patients, the public and paramedics alike.

"We are very pleased to launch this new, innovative design," says Craig Jones, Deputy Chief of Operations, Northumberland County EMS. "In addition to some modifications that make the vehicles more environmentally friendly, the design integrates some of the best research available in emergency vehicle visibility."

Studies have shown that a focus on emergency vehicle visibility and conspicuity reduces the incidence of collisions and other safety hazards. With support and input from District of Muskoka EMS, the County EMS team finalized a concept for the new ambulances that included features ranging from the use of high-contrast colours, to outlining the vehicles in highly reflective prismatic material, to the use of chevrons on the rear of each ambulance—a growing industry standard to identify emergency services vehicles.

In keeping with County sustainability efforts, the ambulances also have improved ‘green features’, including gasoline engines instead of diesel, and technology that limits vehicle idling.

"This improved design would not have been possible without the hard work of sev-eral County paramedics who volunteered to form a team to ensure that best prac-tice design elements were incorporated into the new vehicles," states Jones. "On behalf of the County, I would like to thank the following individuals for their contri-butions to this process:

  • Bob Cranley, Paramedic
  • Jorma Kortman, Paramedic
  • Mike Martin, Paramedic
  • Trevor Mackey, Superintendent"

Northumberland County has a fleet of 12 ambulances, which are in constant rota-tion. As ambulances within the fleet reach the end of their lifespan over the coming years, they will be replaced with vehicles that feature the new design.

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