First responders honoured for life-saving service at eighth annual Survivor Night Ceremony

Cobourg, ON – September 22, 2023 – Last evening, Northumberland’s first responders, along with survivors of cardiac arrest, came together for an inspirational event marking the eighth annual Survivor Night Ceremony. The prestigious Lightning Bolt Awards were presented to 63 dedicated first responders who played a pivotal role in successfully resuscitating individuals suffering an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in 2022.

Hosted by Northumberland Paramedics, Survivor Night serves as an occasion for survivors and families to reunite with first responders who came to their aid during critical emergencies. Among the honorees was Tracy Cousins, who’s remarkable story of survival was shared. One fateful morning, Tracy began experiencing chest pain. Unaware of the gravity of the situation, he initially hesitated to seek medical attention but as the day progressed, urgency set in. Tracy called 911, and the Central Ambulance Communications Centre (CACC) coordinated the arrival of paramedics, who promptly initiated treatment and prepared Tracy for transfer to the Peterborough Cardiac Catheter Lab. 

During transit, Tracy’s condition deteriorated, and he lost consciousness. Paramedics immediately administered life-saving measures, including CPR and defibrillation. Tracy was safely delivered to hospital with specialized care facilities, ultimately saving his life.

Tracy’s story of survival was just one of twelve moving stories shared during the ceremony, showcasing the remarkable Chain of Survival that demonstrated the collaboration between emergency services, hospitals and, in some instances, brave bystanders. Such collaborative efforts often lead to positive health outcomes for those in dire need.

“Survivor Night is an occasion to pay tribute to our exceptional emergency services personnel who play a pivotal role in the health and safety of our community,” stated Northumberland County CAO Jennifer Moore. “The presentation of Lightning Bolt Awards acknowledges the life-saving care provided by the recipients in the most high-stress situations, recognizing their unwavering commitment and selflessness in serving the public during their critical hour of need.”

Northumberland Paramedics Chief Susan Brown reflected on the resilience and profound impact of the emergency services teams operating on the front lines. “Last year, emergency services teams in Northumberland respond to 25,451 calls for assistance. The stories shared tonight are nothing short of inspiring, showcasing the care and compassion these dedicated professionals consistently exhibit every time they answer a life-saving call.”

Warden Mandy Martin, representing County Council, expressed gratitude for the skilled and courageous first responders in Northumberland who put other’s needs above all else. “We are incredibly fortunate to have these skilled and courageous individuals providing critical care when we need it most. It is an honour to recognize the professionalism, expertise and compassion they consistently display in their line of duty.”