Free expert coaching to help local businesses grow and thrive

Woman standing in front of manufacturing equipment while holding cans of drinks. Text reads 'BECN Free small business coaching'

Cobourg, ON – January 31, 2024 – Local business owners seeking to grow their business are invited to apply for the Business and Entrepreneurship Centre Northumberland (BECN) Faster Forward Business Success Program. This free program connects existing local business owners with a volunteer team of experienced business experts to provide guidance, share knowledge and expertise, and help entrepreneurs achieve their business goals.

Over 120 local business owners have successfully participated in this innovative program, which aims to increase the survival rate of local small businesses, while helping to secure existing jobs and create new job opportunities in our community.

Program participants attend ongoing individual coaching sessions to strengthen their skills related to marketing, finance, sales, strategic planning, human resources and organizational management. This support offers business owners the opportunity to learn new skills and become more confident and motivated to meet their business goals.

“I truly appreciate all the support and advice I receive from the BECN team,” states Jana, Owner of Rice Lake Hard Cider in Baltimore. “They are great resource to me and my business, and I highly recommend them to others. We are truly fortunate to have this organization in Northumberland County, which facilitates discussion and fosters collaboration amongst local businesses to help strengthen and grow our local economy.”

The Faster Forward Business Success program is tailored to businesses that have been in operation for over six months, with regular sales of approximately $40,000 per year. Eligible businesses must be operating full-time and be based in Northumberland County.

Successful applicants will identify their business goals and challenges, and will be connected to a roster of coaches with the skills they are looking for to support their specific business needs.

This program is one of many supports offered by the BECN to help local small businesses grow and thrive. The BECN is the leading source for business information, strategy, resources, and education in Northumberland, with several business development programs running throughout the year to support small business owners in various stages and categories of business. Through these various programs, the BECN provides business owners with access to micro grants, business support and networking opportunities to help their business succeed.

Existing business owners interested in the Faster Forward Business Success Program are invited to visit for more information, or call 905-372-9279 to chat with the BECN team and see if this program is the right fit to help you achieve your business goals.