Grand Opening of Trent Hills Emergency Services Base goes virtual

Street view of Trent Hills Emergency Services Base

After nearly two years of collaboration, the Municipality of Trent Hills and Northumberland County are thrilled to showcase the new Trent Hills Emergency Services Base in a Virtual Grand Opening for the community.

Initially planned as an in-person celebration where local residents could tour the completed facility and connect with first responders, COVID-19 restrictions required a rethink in how to introduce this new base to the community. The alternative presented to the public is a series of engaging resources including a video narrated by local officials featuring key areas inside the modern new space, along with a self-directed virtual tour of the facility. These resources and more are launching today on a dedicated Virtual Grand Opening website.

Located at 50 Doxsee Avenue South, on the corner of River Street and Doxsee Avenue in downtown Campbellford, the Trent Hills Emergency Services Base is over 17,000 square feet of shared space, with the Trent Hills Fire Department and Northumberland Paramedics co-located on the ground floor, and the Trent Hills Council Chambers located on the second floor. The facility will also double as the municipality’s Emergency Operations Centre when required, where officials will gather to coordinate and direct emergency response operations.

In 2018, the Municipality and the County partnered to design and construct this $6.3 million facility. After breaking ground in March 2019, the construction process took just over a year, with crews moving into the facility in July 2020, and Council Chambers finalized this September. 

This facility establishes a critical presence for emergency response resources in Campbellford's urban area, ensuring residents will continue to receive quick and effective aid during an emergency now and into the future. Built with a long-term view of community growth in mind, this space includes:

  • Four bays for fire trucks, emergency response vehicles and equipment
  • Three bays for ambulances and paramedic equipment
  • A training room and meeting space
  • Kitchen and crew room facilities
  • Council Chambers, with a large horseshoe design for Council and gallery seating for up to 40 people

The community is invited to visit the Virtual Grand Opening website to tour this new facility. This website will be available online until the end of 2020.


“The new Trent Hills Emergency Services Base is a wonderful addition to Campbellford’s downtown core, with the design complimenting the aesthetic of the area and the location addressing a strategic priority to enhance public safety through easier access for our first responders to the community’s urban centre. I want to commend the Trent Hills and County teams for delivering this new asset on-time and under-budget, and welcome our first responders to their new Trent Hills base of operations. The Virtual Grand Opening is a fantastic opportunity for the community to see the end result of this significant inter-municipal collaboration.” ~ Bob Crate, Mayor, Municipality of Trent Hills

“This shared facility has been highly anticipated by many in the Trent Hills community, and we are very pleased to be able to finally invite residents across the threshold, even if only virtually for now. While our preference would be to welcome residents to an in-person celebration, our priority is keeping everyone safe during this pandemic, so we’ve worked hard to deliver the next best thing with this Virtual Grand Opening. We invite the public to visit the website to explore this new home for our first responders and Trent Hills Council Chambers until we can welcome everyone on-site in the future when it is once again safe to do so.” ~ Bob Sanderson, Warden, Northumberland County

“After watching the base take shape over the last year, pulling the trucks in on moving day in July was a very meaningful moment for our firefighters. This has been a key development in helping to modernize the fire prevention and response services we provide to our community. We are thrilled to be working more closely with our paramedic partners as we jointly strive to enhance first response for the residents of Trent Hills. ~ Tim Blake, Chief, Trent Hills Fire Department

“It is a true pleasure to officially recognize the Grand Opening of this important new facility. As community requirements evolve, this new base will enable Northumberland Paramedics to advance our mission to deliver industry-leading pre-hospital healthcare to the community. We look forward to opportunities for enhanced collaboration with the Fire Department to further strengthen quality emergency response.” ~ Bill Detlor, Chief, Northumberland Paramedics