Hamilton Township - State of Emergency has been terminated January 30, 2014

January 30, 2014

Re: Declaration of an Emergency, Township of Hamilton

16:00 hrs update.

The Township of Hamilton declared a state of emergency at 1:30pm Saturday January 25, 2014. The emergency declaration was declared based on the following criteria; to protect and ensure the safety of both the residents and employees of the municipality. To grant the municipality greater powers to mitigate the storm conditions and to seek resources in supporting the conditions of an emergency.

Through the diligent work of the roads department, the municipal road conditions in the township have improved significantly. As a result, the state of emergency in the Township of Hamilton has been terminated effective January 30, 2014.

If you have questions or require assistance please contact Kate Surerus Public Information Officer at 905 342 2810 extension 110 or Kelly Serson Director of Emergency Services at 905 342 2810 extension 137.