Northumberland promotes its ‘Perfect 10’ - Innovative marketing campaign targets key tourist markets

Cobourg, ON – June 17, 2014 – When it comes to unique experiences for tourists, Northumberland County easily scores a ‘Perfect 10’. This fact was the inspiration behind Northumberland Tourism’s newly launched, best-in-class 'Perfect 10' marketing campaign. Using leading studies, statistics, and web data, Northumberland Tourism has honed in on exactly what potential visitors are looking for, and they plan to use this information to attract tourists to the area through this targeted campaign.

“Our goal is to bring people to Northumberland and keep them coming back for more,” said Dan Borowec, Director of Economic Development and Tourism for Northumberland County. “We have evaluated the best data and research available about what it is that really interests our target markets. This campaign will grab people’s attention and deliver the experience they’re looking for. We believe it will have a big impact.”

Building on the success of the ‘100 Unique Experiences’ marketing campaign launched in 2013, the ‘Perfect 10’ campaign centres on ten experiences that will directly appeal to key Northumberland visitor segments. Data reveals that local offerings most attract visitors searching for three types of experiences:

- Outdoor activities and recreation
- Sport fishing
- Heritage and culture activities

The ‘Perfect 10’ campaign features vivid imagery and easy-to-access information designed to peak the interests of thi crowd, and entice them to the area.

Using a combination of traditional print and digital ads, web-based and social media marketing, Northumberland Tourism intends to motivate potential tourists to visit the campaign website at and, by extension, the main website at to discover local attractions. The primary focus will be on attracting visitors from within Ontario, and in particular the key markets of the Greater Toronto Area and the Golden Horseshoe area.

“All of our municipalities have attractions —shops, local food, heritage features, and outdoor recreation opportunities. We know, though, that it is not enough to tell people we have these features, we have to show them, too. That is the crux of this campaign,” stated County Tourism Manager Eileen Lum. “Our approach will evolve as the campaign matures. We will continue to use all of the data at our disposal to make sure we keep delivering what our target markets are looking for, and they have every reason to keep returning to Northumberland.”

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