Notice of Public Information Centre Class Environmental Assessment for the Dartford Bridge

Map of Dartford Bridge location

The County of Northumberland is undertaking a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment for the rehabilitation of Dartford Bridge, located approximately 1.65 km west of County Road 25 on County Road 24 in Dartford, Municipality of Trent Hills, as shown on the key plan below. As part of the Environmental Assessment process, options for the bridge rehabilitation will be reviewed to determine the preferred solution. 

The project has been initiated as a Schedule ‘B’ undertaking in accordance with the latest edition of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Manual issued by the Engineers Association, which applies to municipal infrastructure projects including roads, bridges, water, and wastewater projects. The study will include a review of structure rehabilitation and replacement alternatives and associated potential impacts on the study area environment.

Public and agency consultation is an important component of the Environmental Assessment process. Public and agency input are invited for incorporation into the planning and design of the project. A Public Information Centre (PIC) will be held on Thursday December 5, 2019 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm at the Warkworth Legion, 6 Norham Road, Warkworth, ON to provide additional information, answer questions regarding the project, identify the nature of the work and solicit feedback and comments. The PIC will consist of a drop-in type format with displays showing alternative solutions. Staff from the County and Project Lead Consultant will be on hand to answer any questions. 

Subject to comments received and the receipt of necessary approvals, the County of Northumberland intends to proceed with the planning, design, and construction of this project.

If you are interested in providing comments or receiving further information on this project, please contact the following individuals:

Tashi Dwivedi, P.Eng.
Consultant Project Manager
HP Engineering
400-2039 Robertson Road
Ottawa, Ontario K2H 8R2
Phone: (613) 695-3737 
Fax: (613) 680-3636

Brunilda Tena
Project Coordinator
County of Northumberland
555 Courthouse Road, 
Cobourg, Ontario, K9A 5J6
Phone: (905) 372-3329 x 2355
Fax: (905) 372-1696

Comments and information regarding this study are being collected to assist in meeting the requirements of the Environmental Assessment Act. These comments will be maintained on file for use during the study in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. All comments, with the exception of personal information, will become part of the public record. If you have any accommodation requirements in order to participate in this project, please contact one of the project team members listed above.

This Notice issued November 21, 2019.