Phase 2 of Recycle Right program launches November 30

Cobourg, ON – November 17, 2020 – Phase 2 of Northumberland County’s Recycle Right program will officially kick-off on Monday, November 30. Following the launch of Phase 1 in December 2019, the community has been working towards this full implementation of Recycle Right, which will involve mandatory sorting of recyclables into the blue and grey boxes.

As of November 30, residents should no longer place recyclables out for collection that are mixed or in bags, with the exception of shredded paper and soft plastic wrapping (i.e. grocery bags, bread bags). These two categories of materials should be placed out in clear or clear blue bags.

“Over the last year, our community has made great strides in shifting to a two-stream recycling system, where paper products are placed into a grey box and containers are placed into a blue box,” states Director of Transportation, Waste and Facilities Mo Pannu. “The launch of Phase 2 coincides with the introduction of new waste collection vehicles that will keep recycling materials separated in different compartments. This transition will further reduce contamination of recyclable materials from 25% to less than 10%, increasing capture of high quality, valuable material that can be sold for re-use. This program will be a significant driver in achieving the community's overall goal of 75% diversion of waste from the landfill.”

The Recycle Right program is a cornerstone of the County’s Long-term Waste Management Master Plan, adopted in 2014. Recommendations from this plan that have been implemented to date include:

  • Roadside collection of leaf and yard waste (2015)
  • Bulky plastics diversion (2016)
  • Clothing diversion (2017)
  • Styrofoam diversion (April 2019)
  • Year-round household hazardous waste diversion (April 2019)
  • Year-round electronic waste diversion (April 2019)
  • Green Bin (food waste) diversion (December 2019)
  • Recycle Right (Blue & Grey Box) program (December 2019)

The Recycle Right program, along with the Green Bin program launched last year, will achieve the greatest overall impact, diverting an additional 3,000 tonnes of waste annually, or approximately 500 garbage trucks worth of materials.

“The goal of 75% waste diversion is a shared community goal,” states County Warden Bob Sanderson. “We have seen many recycling champions emerge throughout this transition. Champions like Robyn from Port Hope, who keeps the ‘What Goes Where’ brochures in her kitchen so the family can easily see what is and isn’t recyclable. Or Martha from Colborne, who keeps small containers in the kitchen for recyclables, and then empties these into the larger blue and grey boxes in the garage as needed. Each individual effort makes a tremendous difference in edging us toward this vital target. I am confident that, with the support of our residents and businesses, we will hit the mark, and create a more sustainable future for our community.”

For more information about the Recycle Right program, including details about which products go in which box, visit our Recycling page.