Proclamation - Black History Month, February 2023

Event: Black History Month

Date: February 2023

Whereas Black History Month was first recognized in Ontario in February 1993 – marking the 200th anniversary of a law prohibiting the importation of slaves into Upper Canada – followed by official recognition in Canada’s House of Commons in 1995; and

Whereas As Northumberland County’s population becomes increasingly diverse, Black History Month is an opportunity to celebrate and honour this diversity, and foster belonging and inclusion, through focused learning about the history and legacy of Black Canadians, and the important contributions they continue to make to Canada’s growth and prosperity; and

Whereas Northumberland County is committed to fostering a thriving and inclusive community, and Black History Month is a time to build greater understanding about the accomplishments of, as well as the persistent discrimination and marginalization often faced by, Black Canadians, to further foster a community that values inclusion and opposes racism and discrimination of all kinds;

Now Therefore Be It Resolved That I, Warden Mandy Martin, on behalf of Northumberland County Council do hereby proclaim the Month of February to be Black History Month in Northumberland County.”

Dated this 25th day of January, 2023

 Mandy Martin, Warden