Proclamation - Earth Day, April 22, 2023

Event: Earth Day 

Date: April 22, 2023 

Whereas, April 22 of each year is internationally recognized as Earth Day; and

Whereas, environmental challenges and climate change continue to be observed and experienced at both a global and local level; and Whereas Northumberland County is a community that highly values the vitality and preservation of our unique and beautiful local natural assets; and

Whereas, now more than ever local communities must come together to take a stand against climate change and support a more sustainable future in order to protect our natural landscape for generations to come; and

Whereas, Northumberland County aims to be a best practices leader in municipal government that prioritizes goals and initiatives related to ‘Sustainable Growth’ and the preservation of our environmental assets, as outlined in our 2019 – 2023 Strategic Plan; and

Whereas, Northumberland County is a registered municipal partner with Earth Day Canada and will be organizing local community-based initiatives to help make a positive impact on the environment in celebration of Earth Day;

Now Therefore Be It Resolved That I, Warden Mandy Martin, on behalf of Northumberland County Council, do hereby proclaim April 22, 2023 as ‘Earth Day’ in Northumberland County.”

Dated this 12th day of April, 2023 

Mandy Martin, Warden