Proclamation - National Housing Day, November 22, 2023

Event: National Housing Day

Date: November 22, 2023

Whereas homelessness and housing affordability has become a pressing issue impacting communities across Ontario and here in Northumberland; and

Whereas the County recognizes it plays an integral role as the housing services system manager and sole shareholder of the Northumberland County Housing Corporation and is actively working to address the need for increased permanent, safe, and affordable housing to build brighter futures in Northumberland; and

Whereas the County is working to expand stock and affordability through the increase of permanent units and rent subsidies in our community, with over 250 new units and subsidies planned over the next 3 years; and

Whereas November 22 is recognized as National Housing Day across Canada, where communities look to raise awareness on the importance of permanent, safe and affordable housing to promote health and well-being; and

Whereas the County of Northumberland acknowledges the importance of supporting unhoused individuals without stable or permanent housing as a fundamental human right;

Now Therefore Be It Resolved That I, Warden Mandy Martin, on behalf of Northumberland County Council, do hereby proclaim November 22, 2023 as ‘National Housing Day’ in Northumberland County, and call upon all residents, community organizations, businesses, and government agencies in Northumberland County to join us in recognizing this day as an opportunity to reflect upon and address the housing challenges faced by our community and to support unhoused individuals who deserve the dignity of having a safe and stable place to call home.”

Dated this 15th day of November, 2023