Public Notice: Overnight warming room services temporarily shift to Transition House Shelter

Overnight warming room services for residents in need have temporarily shifted from St. Peter’s Anglican Church to Transition House Shelter, Cobourg.

As a result of intermittent staff resource constraints, administrators began working with Public Health officials earlier this week to expand capacity at Transition House Shelter to temporarily shift overnight warming room operations to the 10 Chapel Street location, beginning Friday evening. Consolidation of shelter and warming room operations has ensured sustained capacity within the homelessness system, with all those seeking support able to be accommodated. Transition House staff have been connecting with clients directly and through community partners to advise of the change in location.

Overnight warming room services ensure a safe space where residents in need can take shelter from the cold and access washrooms and light refreshments. Launched December 13, this winter relief measure will remain in place until the end of March 2022.

Warming room services will continue to be available at Transition House Shelter for the time being, with operations returning to St. Peter’s as staffing capacity allows.  Individuals seeking support can visit Transition House at 10 Chapel Street Cobourg, or call 905-376-9562.