Statement from County Council: Reflecting on recent storm response in the community

Cobourg, ON – January 4, 2023 – Northumberland County Council expresses sincere gratitude to the emergency services personnel, public works staff, essential service workers and community members that came together to support our community during the significant weather event that swept through Northumberland County over the holidays.

As a result of challenging winter storm conditions from December 23 to December 25, our community was faced with significant travel and service interruptions and an extensive storm clean-up during a busy holiday weekend. During the storm and in the days that followed, dedicated essential workers and generous community members came together to keep our community safe and provide care to those in need.

Northumberland County Council thanks the emergency services personnel and essential service workers who responded to an increased number of service calls and worked long hours over the holidays to protect the safety of residents and travellers, and to return essential service delivery to normal operations as quickly as possible.

Thank you, too, to the residents who did their part to help the community during and after the storm — whether they helped out by inviting stranded travellers into their homes, by checking in on neighbours and loved ones to ensure they had the support they needed, volunteering their time to support increased service at the community warming shelter, or by helping to shovel or clean up debris from the storm in their neighbourhood — these acts of kindness do not go unnoticed.

Quick and collaborative response to the storm across Northumberland County is a testament to the extraordinary generosity of our people, and the excellence of our local emergency service personnel and essential service workers. Thank you to all who serve, protect and support our Northumberland County community.

Mandy Martin, Warden of Northumberland County/Mayor of the Township of Cramahe

Brian Ostrander, Deputy Warden of Northumberland County/Mayor of the Municipality of Brighton

John Logel, County Councillor/Mayor of the Township of Alnwick/ Haldimand

Lucas Cleveland, County Councillor/Mayor of the Town of Cobourg

Scott Jibb, County Councillor/Mayor of the Township of Hamilton

Olena Hankivsky, County Councillor/Mayor of the Municipality of Port Hope

Bob Crate, County Councillor/Mayor of the Municipality of Trent Hills