Vegetation control plans on hold pending review

Cobourg, ON – May 24, 2019 –   Plans for the limited application of pesticide to control vegetation around guide rails on County Roads are on hold while Northumberland County staff prepare a report for Council outlining various options for addressing this vegetation.  

The majority of vegetation control in Northumberland County is achieved through preventive maintenance such as mowing. Northumberland County does apply pesticide on a limited basis for weed and pest control purposes, such as around safety devices like guide rails in order to maintain visibility standards. When such pesticide applications are deemed necessary, they are conducted by a licensed contractor in careful compliance with federal and provincial legislation. 

Members of the public have expressed concern to Council about this planned use of pesticide along County Roads. Council has requested more information from staff in order to determine how best to maintain Ministry-mandated safety standards for visibility along these roads, as well as public safety with respect to noxious weeds, while responding to public feedback.

The application of pesticide that was due to begin May 27 has therefore been postponed in order for Council to consider this report at an upcoming meeting in June, the date for which is currently being determined.  

The agenda and accompanying materials for this meeting of Council will be available in the Council Portal at portal/.