2020 Budget

Northumberland County goes through a rigorous budgeting and planning process each year. Each operating department develops an annual business plan that is aligned with the County’s Corporate Strategic Plan. This process looks at programs and services, budgets and key priorities for the year. In addition to the annual budget, the long term plan is reviewed and updated to create a rolling 10-year financial plan.

Financial Framework Survey

As part of this annual budgeting and planning process, Northumberland County engages with residents to review and confirm long-term financial priorities. These priorities ultimately direct the focus of projects and resources brought forward through the budget. 

This year, the County conducted a survey from July 25 to August 14, 2019 seeking feedback on key areas of focus for the County's long-term financial plan.  The survey was available online or in hard-copy for approximately three weeks, and received over 370 responses from across Northumberland. 

Survey results were shared in a report to County Council in August 2019, as a key input within the long-term financial planning framework for drafting of the 2020 Budget and updating of the long-term financial plan. Staff are now preparing departmental draft budgets and business plans, and a consolidated 2020 Draft Budget will be presented to County Council for consideration in December 2019.

2020 Financial Framework Survey results overview

Financial Framework Survey Results Council Report

2019 Budget

View our 2019 Budget Infographic for an overview of the budget. The departmental budgets, long-term plans, business plans and issue papers are available below.

2019 budgets and long-term plans

View our 2019 Consolidated County Budget or view departmental budgets:

The 2019 Draft Budget Overview was presented to County Council on December 12, 2018. Please note that this presentation does not reflect the final budget approved by Council. Please see the final 2019 Budget documents above.

2019 business plans and issue papers
Business plans highlight the key accomplishments and future goals of each department.
2019 department overviews