Certificates and Greetings

Congratulatory certificates or special greetings from the Northumberland County Warden are available upon request.

Congratulatory certificates and special greetings are available for:

  • milestone birthdays
  • wedding anniversaries
  • retirements
  • anniversaries of organizations

Submitting your request

Submit your request a minimum of four weeks before your celebration to ensure that you receive your message in time. We will accept requests no more than six months in advance.

Please email us with the following information:

  • request for certificate or special greeting
  • type of celebration
  • the age or year of celebration to be included on the certificate or letter
  • the name of the person(s) or organization, including their preferred salutation
  • date of the celebration
  • name and contact information of requestor

Please note that celebrants must reside in Northumberland County.