Universal Trails

Northumberland County Forest has two universal trails, one at Carstairs Forest and one at the Beagle Club Trailhead.

These trails are different from others in the County Forest because they have a sturdy, level surface on which to travel, made with a gravel base and limestone screening. Benches are also available at rest areas along the trail so no one has to go more than 364 m before finding a place to rest.

Our goal in creating this trail was to minimize barriers to accessibility and meet or exceed accessibility guidelines and regulations. We wanted to make recreational opportunities in the forest accessible to more members of our community.

Carstairs Trail

The Universal Trail is 3.2 km overall, with four possible loops – the smallest being 750 m and the longest being 2.2 km.

The Carstairs Trailhead has a designated accessible parking space.

View the Carstairs Trails brochure for more information.

Beagle Club Heritage Trail

The Heritage Trail at the Beagle Club Trailhead is a 1 km long accessible trail.

View the Beagle Club Trail map.