Community Safety & Well-Being

Northumberland County, in collaboration with residents and partner agencies, has developed a plan to improve safety and well-being in our community.

About the Community Safety & Well-Being Plan

Municipalities are required, under the Province's Safer Ontario Act, 2018, to develop a Community Safety & Well-Being Plan (CSWBP). In April 2019, County Council passed a resolution that Northumberland County would lead this effort on behalf of local municipalities. In June 2021, County Council endorsed the CSWBP developed for Northumberland, and the County submitted the plan to the province in July 2021.

The goal of this plan is for residents and local agencies to collectively develop and implement actions that will address the root causes of crime and complex social issues within the community. Through this collaboration, a plan has been developed that focuses local efforts and investments towards the long-term benefits of social development, prevention, and—in the short-term—mitigating risk factors. Emphasis is on prevention measures designed to improve quality of life for all.

Specifically, this plan includes:

  • Local priority risk factors that have been identified based on community consultations and multiple sources of data;
  • Evidence-based programs and strategies to address those priority risk factors; and
  • Measurable outcomes with associated performance measures to ensure that the strategies are effective and outcomes are being achieved.

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Community input

Community safety and well-being is a shared responsibility. The process for defining local actions has therefore involved a multitude of voices, including members of the public, local government, and human service agencies. The community engagement process for developing and finalizing this plan included:

  • Phase 1 (2019) - Presentations to local municipalities and community groups
  • Phase 2 (2020) - Community consultations, roundtable discussions with local agencies, establishment of an Advisory Committee 
  • Phase 3 (January to April 2021) - Advisory Committee analysis of local, provincial and national data (crime, housing, early years, education, health/mental health, poverty and income) and establishment of key priorities and action items  
  • Phase 4 (May to June 2021) - Presentation of final plan to municipalities, community agencies, and County Council

Northumberland's final Community Safety & Well-Being plan was submitted to the province in July 2021. 

Advisory Committee

The CSWBP Advisory Committee was established in 2020 to review public input and local/provincial/national data sources in order to identify priorities and related action items. The Advisory Committee includes representation from service sectors identified by the Province including municipalities, police and fire services, health/mental health, education, social and community services, and custodial services for children and youth. 

The committee will drive inter-agency collaboration and coordination to enhance life-stabilization services in the community. This includes services that support residents to be healthy, successful and safe in their communities. They will establish common local indicators to demonstrate success such as new services available to support people across Northumberland, additional resources available for agencies to be able to sustain and expand services, and shared targets to jointly assess progress over time, which will be reflected in the plan. Every year the Advisory Committee will share news and updates about the actions identified in the plan that have been completed and the successes achieved, as well as challenges and new opportunities that have been identified .

Current Committee members include:

  • Suzanne Anquetil - Manager, Children's Aide Society
  • Carol Beauchamp - Executive Director, Rebound Child & Youth Services
  • Adrienne Bell-Smith - Executive Director, Northumberland Family Health Team
  • Susan Brown - Chief, Northumberland Paramedics
  • Larry Broome - Major, Salvation Army
  • Bill Cane - Mayor, Hamilton Township and Northumberland County Councillor
  • Bobbie Dawson - Executive Director, Northumberland United Way
  • Lisa Horne - Director of Community & Social Services, Northumberland County
  • Taryn Rennicks  - Executive Director, Community Health Centres of Northumberland
  • Dan Smith - Chief, Port Hope Fire and Emergency services
  • Pam Stuckless - Director of Health Promotion, Haliburton Kawartha Pine Ridge District Health Unit
  • Paul VandeGraff  - Chief, Cobourg Police Services

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