The green bin program begins in Northumberland County this December. We will deliver green bins to all households in the summer. A set of instructions will be included inside each green bin.

Backyard composting will greatly reduce the amount of garbage you set out each week. By composting kitchen food scraps, leaves and more, you will create a nutrient-rich soil to use in gardens around your home.


  • Turn your compost with a shovel or pitch fork once a week
  • Mix browns (leaves, coffee grounds, egg shells, paper), and greens (vegetable and food scraps) to avoid smells and pests
  • Keep meat and dairy products out of the Soil Saver or Tumbler – buy a digester if you want to break down these materials
  • Keep your compost moist by adding a little water when you turn your pile
  • View our Guide to Composting

Buy a composter

You can purchase three styles of backyard composters at our office on 555 Courthouse Road in Cobourg or at our Material Recovery Facility in Grafton.

Soil Saver - $40

soil saver composter

Tumbler - $50

Tumbler composter

Digester - $55

Digester composter

Kitchen Catchers

Kitchen catcher

Plastic bucket (7L) - $7
Small Stainless Steel (4L) - $19.50
Large Stainless Steel (6L) - $22.50