Backyard composting will greatly reduce the amount of garbage you set out each week. By composting kitchen food scraps, leaves and more, you will create a nutrient-rich soil to use in gardens around your home.


  • Turn your compost with a shovel or pitch fork once a week
  • Mix browns (leaves, coffee grounds, egg shells, paper), and greens (vegetable and food scraps) to avoid smells and pests
  • Keep meat and dairy products out of the Soil Saver or Tumbler – buy a digester if you want to break down these materials
  • Keep your compost moist by adding a little water when you turn your pile
  • View our Guide to Composting

Buy a composter

You can purchase three styles of backyard composters at our office on 555 Courthouse Road in Cobourg or at our Material Recovery Facility in Grafton.

Soil Saver - $40

soil saver composter

28” W x 28” D x 32” H overall

10 year guarantee

Two slide-up doors for easy removal

Easy assembly

Tumbler - $50

Tumbler composter

Holds 6 1/2 cubic feet (42 dry gallons) Assembly required

100% recycled black polypropylene with steel frame

Large door makes it easy to fill and empty Rodent-proof design keeps pest out

31” L x 23” D x 36” H overall

Kitchen Catchers

Kitchen catcher

Plastic bucket (7L) - $7