Careers in the Early Years Sector

EarlyON educator sings and dances in a circle with children and caregivers

A career in the Early Years sector is fun, rewarding, and has the potential to greatly impact the lives of children, their families and the broader community. As an Early Childhood Educator (ECE), you would help care for, support, and enhance the learning and growth of the next generation.

The essential services you would provide to the community help:

  • young children to develop and flourish through educational learning and social skill development
  • caregivers to receive the support they need to be able to work and attend personal commitments while knowing their child is safe and cared for
  • families to make meaningful memories and connections through facilitated programming
  • the local economy to benefit from an increased workforce

View current job opportunities in Northumberland

Benefits of working in Early Years

  • Flexible hours with options to work weekdays, evenings, before and after school hours, etc.
  • Great variety of hands-on and in-office work opportunities to fit your preferred work environment
  • Opportunity to have a significant, meaningful, positive impact on individuals and the community as a whole
  • Opportunity for a fun, playful and creative work environment, which could include physical activity and outdoor recreation

Shine a light on the path to a brighter future

Every day, ECEs provide children with safe, responsive, and caring interactions that build a strong foundation for their development and well-being. Children who participate in high-quality learning environments experience increased verbal communication, reading, math, and science skills, as well as a host of other benefits.

Uncover facts about the many ways ECEs benefit children, their families, and the growth of our economy:

Download our ECE fact sheet

Why work in Northumberland?

Aerial view of historic downtown with river crossing throughNorthumberland County is a great place to live, work and play! Our tight-knit community is welcoming and supportive, and our small town communities offer a safe, relaxing and comfortable lifestyle for you and your family. Our region has a unique blend of landscapes including historic towns, scenic rural areas and waterfront locations. It is renowned for its many outdoor recreational opportunities and notable heritage sites.

To learn more about our community, view our Community Profile or visit the Northumberland Tourism website to explore what we have to offer for recreation, art, culture, community events and more.

What types of work can ECEs do?

Our local Early Years sector has a wide variety job opportunities that range from hands-on roles that work directly with children to assist with Early Learning in the classroom or at child care centres, to office-based roles that focus on strategic planning, program development and implementation.

Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE)

Job duties

  • Develop and implement child care programs that support the intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth and development of children
  • Lead activities including story telling, teaching songs, physical activity, educational day trips, and creative expression through art, music, play
  • Manage an environment that ensures the health, safety and well-being of children
  • Assess abilities, interests and needs of children
  • Communicate progress or problems with parents
  • Observe children for signs of potential learning or behavioural problems and prepare reports for parents and supervisors
  • Help children develop proper eating, dressing and toilet habits
  • May supervise and coordinate activities of other ECEs and EAs 
  • May work hands-on in a day care, child care or school, or may focus on the development and delivery of programming from an office-setting


  • Must complete a two- to four-year college program in early childhood education or a bachelor's degree in child development
  • Must be registered with the College of Early Childhood Educators

Job titles

  • Child care worker - daycare
  • Daycare worker
  • Early childhood education worker
  • Early childhood educator (ECE)
  • Early childhood educator - preschool

Early Childhood Assistant (EA)

Job duties

  • This position works alongside of qualified Early Childhood Educators to assist in all aspects of program
  • Engages children in activities including story telling, teaching songs, physical activity, educational day trips, and creative expression through art, music, play
  • Help prepare snacks and maintain a safe, clean and comfortable learning environment
  • Help children develop proper eating, dressing and toilet habits
  • May help ECEs and supervisors in record keeping and reporting


  • Must complete secondary school education
  • Must have experience in child care
  • May be required to complete an early childhood education assistant certificate program or post-secondary courses in early childhood education
  • Does not need to be registered

Job titles

  • Child care worker assistant
  • Daycare helper
  • Early childhood assistant
  • Early childhood program staff assistant
  • Preschool helper

Enhanced Educator

Job duties

  • Working with children with special needs to integrate them into the program
  • Support the program environment


  • No education needed — education is considered an asset
  • Does not require professional qualifications in Early Childhood Education


Job duties

  • Plans, manages and implements child care programming within the provisions of organizational policies and the Child Care and Early Years Act (CCEYA)
  • Supervises and coordinates activities of other ECEs and EAs
  • Completes reporting and inspection requirements
  • Establishes and maintains collaborative partnerships with community service providers that work with children
  • May work hands-on in a child care facility or may focus on the development and delivery of programming from an office-setting


Job titles

  • Daycare supervisor
  • Early childhood supervisor
  • Preschool supervisor

For more information about the roles, duties, skills and requirements of ECEs, visit the Government of Canada Job Bank website.

Interested in training to be an ECE?

Research Early Childhood Education programs at your preferred college or university for more information about educational pathways.

Current job postings in Northumberland

The following positions are currently available at local childcare agencies in Northumberland County:

Job titleSpecificationsPosition Start DateContact
RECE, Compass Early Learning and Care Cobourg Program 
  • Full-time 
  • Toddler, Preschool, or Infant Room 
  • $20.34 - $22.34/hour 
September 7th, 2023  Ryan Heath at 
Float RECE, Compass Early Learning and Care Cobourg Program 
  • Full-time 
  • All age groups 
  • $20.34 - $22.34/hour 
September 7th, 2023  Ryan Heath at 
ECE, Compass Early Learning and Care Cobourg Program 
  • Part-time 
  • School-Age Room 
  • $20.34 - $22.34/hour 
September 7th, 2023  Ryan Heath at 
Registered Early Childhood Educator, Kinderlinx Child Care Centre
  • Full-time 
On-going Stephanie Darling at 
Early Childhood Assistant, Kinderlinx Child Care Centre
  • Part-time 
On-going  Stephanie Darling at 
Early Childhood Assistant, Kinderlinx Child Care Centre 
  • Full-time 
On-going Stephanie Darling at 
Educator Assistant, Cobourg Day Care 
  • Casual Supply position 
  • Starting wage:  $19.00/hour 
  • Experience is an asset 
As soon as possible.  Sara Demmings at 
RECE, YMCA Northumberland
  • Full-time
June 23rd, 2023 Cindy King at 
RECE Supervisor, Roseneath YMCA
  • Before and after school 
June 23rd, 2023  Cindy King at 
RECE Team Lead, YMCA Northumberland 
  • Full-time 
As soon as possible.  Cindy King at 
Registered Early Childhood Educator (R.E.C.E), Ganaraska Child Care
  • Full-time, Monday-Friday
  • Approx. 8 hours/day
  • $21.00-$27.00/hour 
As soon as possible.
Childcare Assistant, Alderville First Nation Daycare 
  • Permanent, Full-time
  • 35 hours/week
  • 2 positions 
September 26, 2022
RECE, Alderville First Nation Day Care
  • Permanent, Full-time 
  • 35 hours per week 
As soon as possible.
ECE or Equivalent, St.Peter’s Pre-School Learning Centre
  •  On call/supply staff
 Ongoing Emily at


RECE, Sunshine Heights Day Care


  • Full-time
Ongoing Shelley Davey at

ECA, Sunshine Heights Day Care

  • Full-time

Shelley Davey at

Networking and professional development opportunities

Northumberland County Early Years Services and Five Counties Children’s Centre are constantly pursuing thought-provoking and pertinent professional learning and networking opportunities for the Early Childhood Educators and Child Care Workers in our community. Explore this section to find the opportunities that best fit your professional needs.

Children with special rights

For educators to hear from specialists that work with children with exceptionalities. Topics include FASD, autism, speech and language.  

Upcoming workshops

Thursday September 22, 2022, 6:30-8:00 PM 

Q&A about Autism and Strategies - All Educators 


For dietary staff to network and share recipes for optimal nutrition. Supported by a dietitian from the health unit. 

Upcoming workshops

Tuesday October 11, 2022, 6:30-7:30 PM

Reflections from Cooks Conference - Dietary Staff 

Infant and toddler

For educators working with infants and toddlers, to network and explore topics such as nutrition, sensory integration, and age-appropriate loose parts. 

Upcoming workshops

Wednesday November 2, 2022, 6:30-8:00 PM

Developing literacy skills in the early years - Infant/Toddler Educators 

Pedagogical leaders

For educators who are pedagogical leaders to study documentation and pedagogy. Focuses on peer mentorship and supporting pedagogical leaders. Topics include side-by-side mentoring, relationship building, transfer of practice and peer mentorship. 

Upcoming workshops

Starting in October, second Tuesday of every month. (but Wednesday in October)


Wednesday October 12, 2022, 5:30-7:00 PM - 4581 Baltimore Road 

Visit to: Watch me Grows outdoor Space (Dress for the weather) 


Tuesday November 8, 2022, 10:00 PM-12:00 AM - 555 Courthouse Rd or TEAMS 



For educators working with preschool-age children to network and explore topics such as math, science and risky play. 

Upcoming workshops

Tuesday September 13, 2022, 7:00-8:00 PM - TEAMS

Roots of Aggression in early years-and how to redirect 


For educators working with school-age children to network and explore topics such as risky play, self-reg and physical literacy.

Upcoming workshops



For supervisors to network together and get clarification from advising bodies such as Health Unit-Licensing and Compliance, and Special Resources for Children.

Upcoming workshops

Tuesday October 18, 2022 

ECE Appreciation Day - Management Team

Please share photo's to: 

Other workshops and events

Virtual PECE Training is available (4 one-hour modules). Email our Early Years Coordinator for more information.