Elgin Park Redevelopment Project

picture of elgin parkIn March 2019, Northumberland County announced plans for the Elgin Park Redevelopment Project in Cobourg in order to increase the number of Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) and market rent housing units from 18 to at least 40. Design plans (image coming soon) include the construction of four new 10-unit buildings, adding to the existing 344 social housing units across Northumberland.


The average household income in Northumberland County is below the provincial average, making affordability a critical issue.

  • Data indicates that 48% of local renter households are spending 30% or more on housing costs.
  • The wait list for subsidized housing has expanded by over 260%  since 2008, with approximately 1,000 households now on this list. The demand for units is highest in the Town of Cobourg, where the wait is now approximately nine years.

The Elgin Park Redevelopment Project responds to the critical need for additional RGI and purpose-built rental housing in Northumberland.

Project Status

  • In 2019, the County received funding from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation – a $30,000 grant and a $120,000 interest-free loan – towards the cost of pre-development work for the Elgin Park project.
  • Schematic designs are now under development. The County is also actively working with the Town of Cobourg towards rezoning the site and anticipates that, with the support of the Town, this will be achieved by the end of 2020.
  • A phased approach is planned for this project, with preparations now underway for Phase 1 of construction. This phase will involve the demolition of eight existing units (four buildings) by the end of 2020 to create space for at least 20 new units.
  • Northumberland County has a transition plan in place for tenants who will need to relocate as a result of construction, and is now working closely with impacted tenants and supporting community partners to ensure smooth transition to alternative safe and affordable housing.

Northumberland County Housing Corporation (NCHC) is a community housing provider in Northumberland County with over 344 owned and operated housing units. The NCHC provides rent-geared-to-income (RGI) and affordable rental options to low-income households in Northumberland.

Northumberland County is the sole shareholder of the NCHC and gives direction to its Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is responsible for the budget, upholding corporate by-laws, agreements, and reports; and for long-range strategic planning. The Board of Directors is comprised of County Council representatives, the Chief Administrative Officer of Northumberland County, and citizen directors.