GPL and NCAM Redevelopment Project

Rendering of Golden Plough Lodge and NCAM facility

Northumberland County is constructing a new long-term care home, which will provide high-quality care for Northumberland seniors.  The new 203,000 square foot facility will also be the new home for the Northumberland County Archives and Museum. The facility is being constructed on Courthouse Road in the Town of Cobourg, adjacent to the existing Golden Plough Lodge, on county-owned property.

The project broke ground in December of 2020 and is expected to be fully operational by mid-summer of 2024.

Construction Notice: Access to Northumberland County Headquarters (555 Courthouse Road), Halcyon Place and the existing Golden Plough Lodge will be open through the east leg of Courthouse Road. Access to the Church on the Hill, will be available through the west leg of Courthouse Road.

Golden Plough Lodge

The Golden Plough Lodge (GPL) is the only municipally-operated long-term care home in Northumberland. Over the course of its over-100 year history, the GPL has provided quality, compassionate care to hundreds of local families.

Building on the commitment to support residents in maintaining a life with purpose, choice, dignity and respect, the new 180-bed facility has been a long-held vision as a place where more Northumberland seniors will have access to quality care in their own community. This home will include a combination of one- and two-bed rooms across six Resident Home Areas, with features designed to ensure resident comfort and safety, promote resident independence, and provide for resident privacy. The facility will include:

  • Fireside lounges
  • A café and hair salon
  • A greenhouse for agri-therapy
  • An auditorium for concerts and resident events
  • Outdoor courtyards and pathways

Take a virtual tour

Watch a virtual tour video to explore the concept design for the Golden Plough Lodge long-term care home.

Northumberland County Archives and Museum

An innovative addition to this redevelopment project will be the integration of the Northumberland County Archives & Museum (NCAM) where Northumberland’s rich history will be preserved and shared in a new archive and museum. The new space has been designed to achieve mandated duties to preserve municipal records while delivering enhanced programming and exhibitions and increased access to underrepresented local historical and cultural collections. 

This facility will include:

  • A permanent display about the history of Northumberland County
  • An expanded reading room for public research
  • A processing & conservation lab
  • A quarantine area for new/unprocessed artefacts/documents
  • A gallery for community groups to showcase the stories they wish to tell

Our commitment to sustainability

We are focused on ensuring that the new facility offers a positive and healthy experience for our residents, visitors and employees.

Emphasis will be on energy efficiency and the reduction and mitigation of potential environmental impacts of the new building. We are pursuing Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver Certification. This program is run by a national, not-for-profit organization called Canada Green Building Council (CAGBC).

Construction updates

Phase 1 (In progress)

  • Pre-design – Complete
  • Design of the new GPL and NCAM – Complete
  • Construction of the new GPL and NCAM – 2020-2024 - Underway
  • Residents move in – Summer 2024
  • NCAM collection relocated from C. Gordon King Centre - Summer 2024

Phase 2

  • Demolition of existing GPL – October 2024

Phase 3

  • Completion of site campus – October 2024

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Video updates

View our two-minute construction update video from October 2023:

More construction update videos

Frequently asked questions

Will the County repurpose the existing Golden Plough Lodge for community housing once residents relocate to the new facility?

The County continues to invest in the existing Golden Plough Lodge (GPL) to ensure our residents are both safe and comfortable, until residents can transition to the new facility.

However, building assessments have confirmed that the current facility has reached its end-of-life. It’s one of the reasons the new Golden Plough Lodge is being constructed.

To repurpose this facility for housing, prior to any new occupancy, there would be requirements related to bringing the aging building up to today’s building codes; making structural alterations; updating heating, cooling and plumbing systems; and planning to maintain this aging infrastructure into the future. 

Early in the redevelopment process, the County determined that, rather than making significant investments in an already end-of-life facility, the better course of action is to continue developing purpose-built housing that will last for years to come. Learn more about the Elgin Park redevelopment and our Ontario Street Housing Development.  

How large is the new facility?

The new state-of-the-art facility will be 203,000 square feet when completed and will provide 180 beds. This will result in an increased community capacity of 29 additional beds, beyond the 151 beds in the current facility.  

Why was the decision made to pair the redevelopment of the long-term care home with a new archives and museum facility? 

This new facility includes space for the relocation of the Northumberland County Archives and Museum (NCAM). Currently co-located within the Cobourg Library, the organization has expanded its mandate in recent years to include official repository responsibilities for several member municipalities and has outgrown its current capacity for storage and display. As the County was in the planning stages for the redevelopment of the Golden Plough Lodge, it identified the opportunity to also create space for the new NCAM. 

By pairing NCAM with the new GPL, Northumberland County is pursuing the development of an innovative new asset for the community. 

How can I be added to the wait list for this facility? What will be the monthly costs?

Home and Community Care Support Services (formerly the LHIN) manage all long-term care home wait lists, rather than the homes themselves. They can discuss timelines with you, along with the most up-to-date accommodation rates, as set by the Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care. Please call 310-2222 (no area code required) to be connected to an office closest to your location.

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