Transit and Transportation

If you travel County roads by walking, biking or automobile, you are part of traffic.

Northumberland County designs County roads to increase the safety of all road users through programs, upgrades and ongoing maintenance.


We created the Cycling Master Plan (CMP) as a guide to enable the planning, financing and implementation of a countywide cycling network. We have designated many cycling routes and upgraded many roads.

The CMP is a 20-year plan that aims to:

  • Provide attractive cycling routes which encourage tourism
  • Link cycling paths across the County and to its neighbouring municipalities
  • Develop on-road and off-road cycling facilities
  • Enhance recreational, commuter and competitive cycling


We take great interest and care in designing and upgrading crosswalks on County roads. Currently, we are studying major crosswalks with near-miss technology that will steer design and construction of any safety upgrades to the roads system.

Public transit


The Town of Cobourg provides two fully accessible bus routes in the urban area of Cobourg, an express shuttle between Cobourg and Port Hope, and WHEELS, a door-to-door service for those unable to use conventional transit. Visit the Town of Cobourg website for more information and to view the bus schedule.

The Municipality of Port Hope provides two bus routes in the urban area of Port Hope, an express shuttle between Port Hope and Cobourg, and ROLLS, a door-to-door service for those unable to use conventional transit.  Visit the Municipality of Port Hope website for more information and to view the bus schedule.

Community Care Northumberland

Community Care Northumberland offers door-to-door, rural-to-urban and specialized transportation services to residents in Northumberland. These programs help transport residents who are unable to drive themselves to medical appointments, social outings and other activities. For more information about these programs, visit the Community Care Northumberland website.

Northumberland Manufacturers' Association (NMA) Rides Commuter Shuttle

Helping manufacturing employees get to work safely! Take advantage of this co-funded shuttle service for local manufacturing employees.

  • Monthly pass costs less than running a vehicle
  • Diligent COVID-19 protocols to help keep you and fellow passengers safe while commuting
  • Potential shuttle services available from Peterborough, from Belleville, from Durham and all throughout Northumberland County.

For more information, visit the NMA website or contact the Shuttle Team for more information by email at or by calling 289-677-4988.


Cobourg and Port Hope provide VIA Rail service, connecting residents and visitors to destinations across Canada.

The closest GO Transit station is located in Oshawa, approximately 30 minutes to an hour west of Northumberland.

Traffic count

We update the Average Annual Daily Traffic Count every five years. This data is useful for business proposals, land use planning, marketing and advertising, and many other uses. This information is for general information only.