Likes for Lids initiative encourages community to 
spread kind words, not litter

Image of recycling boxes with lids on and text that says 'Likes for Lids'

Cobourg, ON – May 19, 2022 – Northumberland County is encouraging residents to spread neighbourly good will for a chance to receive a set of recycling box lids for their neighbour and themselves at no charge as part of the ‘Likes for Lids’ campaign.

Northumberland County residents are invited to fill out a participation form on the County’s website with their contact information and a short message about why they like their neighbour. Throughout the week, some of these kind words will be shared on the Northumberland County Waste Department’s Facebook page (@NorthumberlandCountyWasteDepartment). No names or identifiable information will be shared. Submissions will be accepted until June 13th or until supplies last, and lids will be distributed to successful participants in June.

In addition to the opportunity to receive a free set of lids during the Likes for Lids initiative, recycling box lids are always available for purchase at the Northumberland County headquarters office in Cobourg, the Material Recovery Facility in Grafton, or at any of the County’s three Community Recycling Centres in Brighton, Bewdley or Seymour, for $3 each.

Residents are also encouraged to help keep their neighbourhood clean by using other curbside recycling tips and tricks to avoid accidentally littering on windy collection days:

  • Do not overfill your boxes. Keep material no higher than three quarters full. If you are routinely overfilling, please consider purchasing additional bins, available for $6 each.
  • Place heavier materials on top of lighter materials.
  • Stack your blue box on top of your grey box.
  • Set your recycling out the morning of your collection, rather than the night before.
  • During extreme wind events, please wait to put your recycling out until your next collection day, if possible.

To participate in ‘Likes for Lids’ for a chance to receive a free set of recycling box lids, visit