County Forest Trails and Recreation

COVID-19 Update: Please note that washroom facilities in the County Forest will remain closed at this time to ensure the safety of users and staff. As a continued precaution to protect resident health and safety, please ensure you practice physical distancing when using forest trails, keeping a distance of 6 feet between you and other trail users, and stay home if you are feeling sick.

The County Forest has over 118 km of trails with over 50,000 visitors per year.

The trail network includes approximately:

  • 36 km of non-motorized double-track trails and 6 km of non-motorized single-track trails
  • 47 km of motorized double-track trails and roads and 7 km of motorized single-track trails (download our Motorized Trails Brochure)
  • 15 km of hiking only trails
  • 4 km of accessible pedestrian trails

The Northumberland County Forest provides many recreational trail opportunities. Click on an icon below to access information, maps and etiquette related to the different trail uses.

Trailhead locations

  • Beagle Club Trailhead: 180 Beagle Club Road, Harwood
  • Morris Road Trailhead: 6653 County Road 45, Baltimore
  • Woodland Trailhead: 7363 County Road 45, Roseneath
  • McDonald Road Trailhead: 507 McDonald Road, Grafton
  • Carstairs Universal Trailhead: 1178 Bowmanton Road, Roseneath

Getting here by GPS

If you are using a GPS to get to the Northumberland County Forest, here are approximate latitude and longitude co-ordinates:

  • Beagle Club Trailhead: 44.096,-78.105
  • Morris Road Trailhead: 44.090,-78.102
  • Woodland Trailhead: 44.119,-78.092
  • MacDonald Road Trailhead: 44.102,-78.050
  • Carstairs Universal Trailhead: 44.122262, -78.109584

Discover more trails in Northumberland 

To discover additional trails located throughout Northumberland, visit the Northumberland Tourism website.

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