County Forest Trails and Recreation

The County Forest has over 118 km of trails with over 50,000 visitors per year.

The trail network includes approximately:

  • 36 km of non-motorized double-track trails
  • 6 km of non-motorized single-track trails
  • 47 km of motorized double-track trails and roads
  • 7 km of motorized single-track trails
  • 15 km of hiking only trails
  • 4 km of accessible pedestrian trails

The Northumberland County Forest provides many recreational trail opportunities. Click on an icon below to access information, maps and etiquette related to the different trail uses.

Due to unsafe icy conditions, the Beagle Club trails will remain closed until further notice.  All other trailheads are open but please use extra caution and consider wearing icers on the trail. We apologize for the inconvenience.

All users must…

  • Respect private property
  • Respect other trail users
  • Respect the forest by obeying signage, gates and barriers
  • Not litter (including cigarettes and tissues)
  • Not disturb or feed wildlife
  • Have pets under control and leave no waste on trails or in parking areas
  • Not have campfires or smoke carelessly
  • Respect enforcement personnel


  • Signage throughout the forest indicates which trails are open for use. Users are responsible for knowing what trails they can use. You can find maps of the designated trails on each recreational use's page.
  • If you do not see a sign at the entrance to a trail, it is not a designated trail.
  • Please help us conserve and protect the County Forest and its natural inhabitants – respect and follow signage.
  • Trail users are responsible for knowing where they are, what trails are open to specific uses and what trails are off-limits.
  • County by-law officers, O.P.P., Conservation Officers and volunteer patrols perform enforcement regularly throughout the year.

Getting here by GPS

If you are using a GPS to get to the Northumberland County Forest, here are approximate latitude and longitude co-ordinates:

  • Beagle Club Trailhead: 44.096,-78.105
  • Morris Road Trailhead: 44.090,-78.102
  • Woodland Trailhead: 44.119,-78.092
  • MacDonald Road Trailhead: 44.102,-78.050
  • Carstairs Universal Trailhead: 44.122262, -78.109584

Discover more trails in Northumberland 

To discover additional trails located throughout Northumberland, visit the Northumberland Tourism website.

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