Ontario Works Benefits

If you are receiving Ontario Works, there are other benefits that could help you. You can ask your caseworker about any of these benefits to see if you are covered and to discuss any other options that might also be available.

Advance child care benefit

If you start a job, you may be able to have your child care costs covered until you get paid.

Dental and vision care

  • If you're having tooth pain, the cost of dental care may be covered
  • If you have children 17 and under, their dental care is covered under Healthy Smiles Ontario
  • If you or your child (children) needs glasses, the vision plan may cover their cost

Diabetic supplies

You can bring in your prescription for help with the cost of diabetic supplies.

Drug benefits

Ontario Works covers any medications that are on the Ontario Drug Benefit plan for you and your family.

Extended health benefit

If you are no longer eligible for Ontario Works due to income (e.g. Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, Employment Insurance, etc.), you may be still eligible for extended health benefits. You must have been in receipt of Ontario Works assistance the month prior to applying for this benefit.

Extended employment health benefit

If you leave Ontario Works because you got a job, you may be able to get a drug card for 6 months.

Extended start-up benefit

If you got a new job or more work hours, you could receive help to pay for clothing, work boots, a hardhat, gas and more to help you get started.

Guide dog benefit

You can ask for help with the monthly costs for a registered guide dog.

Medical travel

You can receive help to cover travel costs to your medical appointments.

Shelter benefit

You could get funding if you need help with last month's rent, moving costs, utility deposits and/or utility arrears to avoid being cut-off.

Surgical supplies

If you are in treatment at home after surgery, there may be help for you while you recover.

Transition child benefit

You may be able to get the Transition Child Benefit if you do not get the maximum Canada Child Benefit.