Northumberland County is responsible for 503 kilometres of road, 110 structures and two patrol yards in the County.

What we do

  • Sweeping
  • Snow and ice control (plowing and salting/sanding)
  • Engineering, construction and maintenance of County roads and bridges

For roads operations, we divide the County into three maintenance areas: the west end, north end and south end. In the winter, there are four areas for winter control. The west end operates from the Cobourg Depot, and the north and south areas operate from the Morganston Depot.

The County does not look after municipal roadways. Please contact your local municipality for issues with municipal roads.

Road Closures


Half load limits

Half load limits on County roads are in effect from March 1 until we remove the half load signs in mid-late April. Load limits preserve the lifespan of County roads.

Half load limits map