Reports, Plans and Studies

Learn more about Northumberland County's various projects, goals and strategies.

Please note all of our reports, plans and studies are available in alternative format upon request. Please submit your request using our online form or call 1-800-354-7050 ext. 2327.

Beginning January 1, 2021 all public sector websites and web content posted after January 1, 2012 must meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0 Level AA) as per the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).  While Northumberland County strives to make documents available online and in an accessible format, due to the large volume of Council documents created prior to January 2021 which require remediation to ensure compliance with provincial legislation, these documents, along with several large reports and studies, have been removed from our website and are now available upon request.  If you require Council agendas, minutes or by-laws from prior to 2021, or a document listed below that is not available for download, please complete our Document Request Form.


Accessibility reports and plans

Learn more about our accessibility policies, Accessibility Status Report and Multi-Year Accessibility Plan.

Community and social services

Affordable Housing Strategy

Ensuring both the availability and the affordability of housing are important for fostering a strong and vibrant community. The focus of the Northumberland County Affordable Housing Strategy is to increase the supply of housing throughout Northumberland at various levels of affordability, in order to meet the needs of our residents.

This strategy recommends 44 actions to help address key local housing gaps. These actions include policy and process changes, as well as planning and financial incentives that the County and member municipalities can use to encourage the development of additional affordable rental and ownership units.

Community and Social Services Spotlight

Interested in learning about what our Community and Social Services department is doing? Check out the C&SS Spotlight to view recent performance data.

Housing and Homelessness plans and reports

Northumberland County's 10-year Housing and Homelessness Plan outlines a long-term vision and strategic plan for affordable housing and homeless related programs and services, and identifies objectives that reflect the unique issues and needs of our area.

View the Northumberland Housing and Homelessness Plan 2019-2029.  An accessible version of this document is available upon request.

Each year, we release an annual report highlighting community partnerships that provide housing and homelessness supports for Northumberland residents:

Economic development

Economic Development Master Plan

An Integrated Economic Development Master Plan bolsters the local economy and ensures the community's continued vibrancy. In creating an Integrated Economic Development Master Plan for Northumberland, the Economic Development department conducted face-to-face consultations and sought input from over 100 key community stakeholders. The mandate in creating this draft plan was to provide an ongoing framework for development – to insure that the qualities that make the County unique remain a critical component of future work.

View our Economic Development Master Plan.

Emergency management

Emergency Management Plan

View our Emergency Management Plan.

Energy consumption and emissions

Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions reports

View our 2019 Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions report.


Annual reports

Learn more about our services, accomplishments and financial health in our financial annual reports.

Asset Management Plan

Asset management ensures that we maintain and properly look after our assets. This plan allows us to budget for any repairs or replacement of assets without incurring any surprise expenses well into the future.

To request a copy of our Asset Management Plan, please submit a request using our Document Request Form.

Golden Plough Lodge (long term care)

Golden Plough Lodge reports and plans

Golden Plough Lodge (GPL) is our long-term care home. Learn more about the GPL's services and values:

Northumberland County Archives and Museum

NCAM Strategic Plan

Learn more about Northumberland County Archives and Museum.

NCAM Strategic Plan 2020-2023

Official Plan

Official Plan

Learn more about our Official Plan.

Roads and engineering

Cycling Master Plan

The Cycling Master Plan (CMP) was created as a guide to enable the planning, financing and implementation of a countywide cycling network.

The CMP includes several cycling routes, and various road improvements and upgrades that comprise a 20-year planning horizon. Furthermore, the CMP includes the implementation of signage and infrastructure improvements as well as awareness programs that promote education and safety procedures to cyclists and motorists.

County Council finalized and endorsed the CMP in 2012 with the involvement and support of an avid group of cyclists and the County's member municipalities.

View our Cycling Master Plan.

Environmental Assessments

County Road 2 EA

Northumberland County initiated a Class Environmental Assessment for improvements to County Road 2 (from Hamilton Road in Port Hope to William Street in Cobourg) to address operational deficiencies and the need for additional east-west transportation capacity in the area. The study is an opportunity to study and consider alternative traffic improvement strategies that:

  • Improve accessibility
  • Promote sustainability
  • Respect culture
  • Create a complete street

To receive a digital copy of the County Road 2 EA Report and appendices, please submit a request using our Document Request form.

Master Drainage Plan

Map of Master Drainage Plan Study Area

Northumberland County has initiated a Master Plan to identify a drainage plan for the overall study area. The County completed a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) for County Road 2, from Burnham/William Street in Cobourg to Hamilton Road in the Municipality of Port Hope, that was approved by the MOECC in 2016. The EA recommended that a Master Drainage Plan (MDP) be developed for the study area.

The intent of the MDP is to:

  • Confirm existing and proposed drainage patterns as well as future development plans in the study area
  • Address existing flooding issues at the Unnamed Watercourse 07 East
  • Develop future development targets for stormwater in the study area to assist developers, the County, Town of Cobourg and Hamilton Township with development review and approval

This study is being conducted in accordance with the requirements for Master Plans of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (October 2000, as amended in 2007, 2011 and 2015).

Learn more about this project

Reconstruction/Rehabilitation of County Road 65 Culvert No. 65076

Northumberland County has retained Jewell Engineering Inc. to complete a Schedule ‘B’ Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) for the reconstruction/rehabilitation of the Culvert No. 65076, situated on County Road 65, approximately 3.5 km south of County Road 9. The intent of the Schedule “B” EA is to investigate the following options for the structure:

  1. Rehabilitate the existing structure, widening both ends to provide an increased shoulder width and allow for the installation of retaining walls or slope flattening, etc.
  2. Replace the existing structure completely increasing the culvert length as required to achieve adequate shoulder widths and complete slope flattening and/or installation of retaining walls.

Following completion of the Environmental Assessment, the County will move forward with detailed design and securing of approvals. Construction is envisioned to be completed within the next five years as part of the County’s construction program, pending approval of budget.

Learn more about this project

To receive a digital copy of the County Road 65 EA commencement notice, please submit a request using our Document Request form.

Reconstruction of Thompson Bridge

The County of Northumberland is undertaking a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment for the Reconstruction of the Thompson Bridge, located on Skinkle Road, approximately 1.55km north of County Road 29 in the Municipality of Trent Hills. As part of the Environmental Assessment process, options for the bridge reconstruction will be reviewed to determine the preferred solution.

Learn more about this project

Reconstruction of Thompson Bridge - Notice of Public Consultation Centre

Rehabilitation of Dartford Bridge

Northumberland County has retained HP Engineering Inc. to complete a Schedule ‘B’ Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) for the rehabilitation of the Dartford Bridge, located approximately 1.65 km west of County Road 25 on County Road 24 in Dartford, Municipality of Trent Hills. The study will include a review of structure rehabilitation alternatives and associated potential impacts on the study area environment.

Following completion of the Environmental Assessment, the County will move forward with detailed design and securing of approvals. Construction is envisioned to be completed within the next five years as part of the County’s construction program, pending budget approval.

Learn more about this project

Rehabilitation of Dartford Bridge - Notice of Study Commencement

Rehabilitation of Hastings Trent River Bridge

Northumberland County has retained Jewell Engineering Inc. to complete a Schedule ‘B’ Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) for the rehabilitation of the Hastings Trent River Bridge, situated on Bridge Street South (County Road 45) between Water Street and Front Street in the Village of Hastings where it crosses the Trent River.

The proposed rehabilitation, subject to environmental approvals and utility relocations (if applicable), will improve the overall conditions of the bridge and its functionality. Following completion of the Environmental Assessment, the County will move forward with detailed design. The intention is to complete all design and approvals by the end of 2019 so that the project is ready for construction in 2020.

Learn more about this project

Trent River Crossing EA

On June 18, 2014, Northumberland County Council endorsed the recommendation of an Environmental Assessment (EA) study to:

  1. Build a new bridge across the Trent River in Campbellford between Second Street and Alma Street
  2. Plan to replace the existing Bridge Street bridge at the end of its structural lifespan in about 30 years.

View the Trent River Crossing ESR Report.

Learn more about this project

GO Expansion Business Case & Economic Impact Study

In 2015, the County engaged in discussions with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) and Metrolinx to advance the case for expanding GO Transit service coverage to Northumberland County, specifically to Port Hope and Cobourg. In 2017, the County completed its first Transportation Master Plan (TMP), which recommended completing a business case study for the extension of GO transit services into the County and continuing discussions with Metrolinx to improve regional transit connectivity.

To align with the TMP recommendations, in May 2019, the County retained AECOM to develop a business case and implementation strategy for the extension of GO Transit service beyond Bowmanville through to Northumberland County and assess the economic challenges and benefits to the County, member municipalities, and the Region as a whole.

View the GO Expansion Business Case and Economic Impact Study

Salt Management Plan

View the 2020 Northumberland County Salt Management Plan. Our 2021 Salt Management Plan is currently available upon request. Please email us to request a copy. An accessible version of the 2021 Salt Management Plan will be made available online by November 1, 2021.

Transportation Master Plan

In 2014, we embarked on the development of a Transportation Master Plan (TMP), which will be a guide to County Council and staff in determining how to improve our transportation services. Following an extensive consultation and development process, County Council adopted the TMP in March of 2017. The TMP provides a long-range planning document that will assist decision makers in establishing and prioritizing the needs of the County's transportation infrastructure.

View our Transportation Master Plan.

Service Delivery Review

Service Delivery Review

To receive a digital copy of the Northumberland County Service Delivery Review Report prepared by Strategy Corp, please submit a request using our Document Request form.

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

View the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan to learn more about our mission, vision, values and key priorities.


Long-Term Waste Management Master Plan

The Long-Term Waste Management Master Plan guides our programs and services to achieve our long-term goal of keeping 75% of residential waste out of the landfill.