Community Services and Support

If you have low to moderate income and you are not eligible for ongoing help through Ontario Works, our Community Outreach Program may be able to assist you.

Our outreach team members can meet with you in your community to talk about your needs and work with you to come up with a plan to help.

What can we help with?

An outreach team member will speak with you about your needs and can tell you about places in the community that might be able to help you. If you would like, you can ask your outreach team member to go with you to these places.

Our team may help you in the following areas:

Child care

We offer a child care fee subsidy that helps pay some or all of the cost of childcare for qualifying parents and caregivers that are working, going to school, receiving Ontario Works or have a child with special needs.

Our EarlyON Child and Family Centres also offer free family programming and a place for you and your children to laugh, be curious, play, learn, make friends and feel a sense of belonging.

Financial assistance

If you or someone you know is having a hard time paying for rent, utilities or food, our team can offer help with one of our financial assistance programs.

If you have little or no income, you might consider applying for financial assistance through Ontario Works. Emergency as well as temporary sustained supports are available for expenses such as basic needs and shelter.

If you have low to moderate income and are not eligible for Ontario Works or you are a senior with a fixed income, our outreach team may be able to offer help. Please reach out to our team for more information by calling 1-800-354-7051 ext. 2001.

Food support

Our Food 4 All warehouse provides food and needed items to local food banks, not-for-profit community agencies and school nutrition programs.

For a list of food support services in our community, including food banks and local food programs, please visit the Food Help in Northumberland County website.

Find your local food bank or food program


Our community outreach program may be able to help if:

  • Your teeth hurt and you do not have coverage for the dentist
  • You need dentures and you cannot afford them
  • You need prescription drugs that you cannot afford
  • You need eyeglasses

Please reach out to our Community Outreach team for more information by calling 1-800-354-7051 ext. 2001.


If you are homeless, at risk of being homeless or need help getting housing, there is support available to work with you and help you apply for the shelter benefit.

Our Housing Help Northumberland website also offers additional information about local housing support, community supports and service providers in Northumberland, as well as resources for tenants and landlords.

Landlords and tenants can also participate in our free RentSmart training program to learn hands-on skills that will help promote successful tenancies.

Find local housing support


If you are at risk of having your utilities cut-off or if they have been cut-off already, there is support available to work with you and help you apply for the shelter benefit.


If you need help with food, clothing or transportation, an outreach worker can connect with you about your needs. Please reach out to our team for more information by calling 1-800-354-7051 ext. 2001.

Contact our team

If you are looking for help, you can call our office at 905-372-6846 or 1-800-354-7051 ext. 2001 to talk to someone about what you need.

Our performance data

Interested in learning about what we are doing? Check on our service delivery and program metrics by visiting the County's KPI Performance Dashboard.