We collect recycling every week with household garbage. You may place all of your household recyclables loose into a clear/clear-blue bag or blue box. Please put shredded paper and soft plastic bags in a separate clear/clear-blue bag.

The Material Recovery Facility in Grafton processes all recyclable materials.

Recycling program changes

Please note that the way you set your recyclables to the curb is changing, effective December 2019. Learn more about our Recycle Right program.

picture of new recycling bins

What can I recycle?


Plastic bottles, tubs, and jugs (empty and clean, leave lids on)

collection of plastic containers

Plastic clamshells and trays (empty and clean, remove any absorbent pads)

group of plastic clamshells and trays

Aluminum and tin cans and foil (Foil must be clean)

collection of aluminum cans and trays

Glass bottles and jars (empty and clean, leave lids off)

group of bottles

Milk cartons, juice boxes and Tetra Paks (Empty and clean, keep lids on, throw straws in garbage)

group of cartons and tetra paks

Coffee cups (empty and clean, lids are garbage)

coffee cup with lid beside

Empty and dry paint cans and aerosol cans (Leave lids off paint cans)

aerosol and paint can


Newspaper (remove plastic sleeve and put the plastic sleeve in your bag of bags)

stack of newspapers

Office paper and envelopes (please bag shredded paper in its own clear bag)

pile of various office papers

Magazines and books (remove hardcovers and put hardcovers in garbage)

group of magazines

Boxboard such as cereal and cracker boxes (Inner plastic bags and liners are garbage)

bunch of box board containers

Corrugated cardboard (Flattened and bundled in a size that the driver can lift – 30” x 30” x 10”)

pile of cardboard

Plastic bags (stuff all soft plastic bags inside one clear bag)

Grocery and retail bags, newspaper sleeves, produce bags 

various plastic bags

Still not sure?

Type the name of the waste item below and the Waste Wizard will tell you how to properly dispose of it.